Gender indoctrination begins right when the baby is born.

There are plenty of things that only women have to deal with and men don’t. Gender offence has a long history right from the Era when women were sold to the highest bidder in the name of marriage. Hatred per prejudice is still observed in this modern society.

Aforesaid lines can be proved by language we use to insult them, priority difference, wage gap, sexual assault (which certainly happens to mean as well) are all symptoms of culture set up according to men.

It is a spontaneous reaction of people that if you haven’t experienced something, then others too haven’t.

As a consequence few man simply discard to proclaim sexism, even if they are given solid proof- which adversely affects us all.

Obviously, the converse situation here applies to men too, like the patriarchy has been a pain for them.

Though these concerns are more problematic to women.

1) Pressure for baby.

Pressure for baby

Though this pressure is on both men and women to become parents, it especially affects women. Family can often cause a lot of stress event it comes to having children, but it doesn’t stops there- family, friends and even complete strangers in some instance can feel the need to weigh in with the advice on when you should have kids. In most cases, they I’ll be advising you to get cracking now. Psychologists say that people who ask when you’re gonna conceive, not necessarily realise they’re source of stress, and sometimes is only in perception.It reflects expectations why ” babies are next logical step”.

2) Having it allwomen is trying to maintain both personal and professional life

If a women is trying to maintain both personal and professional life , she is somehow though to be having it all. Mothers are l;essential likely to be hired for jobs, to be perceived as competent at work or to be paid as much as their male colleagues wit some qualifications.This case is vice versa for man and usually are tend to be paid more.It’s called fatherhood bonus.

3) Gendered behavior Gendered behavior

Certain consistent pattern of problematic interactions with men and certain behaviours that reinforce institutional patriarchy and misogyny suppressing the voices of women are noticed. Regardless of whether you personally identify as a feminist, an ally or an activist for rights, you may be unintentionally contributing to the dis empowerment systematic marginalization of women through character of your discourse.

4) Lack of representation Lack of Representation

May it be the field of media , parliament or any such, women are always less represented than the default gender.Obituaries about men far outnumber those of women in top national and regional newspaper.They get the tough roads in every instance of their representation.

5) Being written offBeing written off

Living in the Fearon being written off is another ” high-risk” as aboriginal women. Study finds half of the female bosses are labelled emotional or spiteful. Only one in eight male employees are labelled this way, survey says. Women have to be extra carefull while choosing thir words between ‘too little’  or ‘too  much’.  In either direction, chances are high to get outright dismissed.

6) Administrating feminine.Administrating feminine

Feminine is so underated that it’s taught to hide if women have to succeed. Ironically, it is somehow correct. Research has shown that women with masculine personality especially in workplace are more likely to get promotion.

However, the question remains to give equality to feminine qualities and value them as much as the masculine.

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