Snapdeal made to deliver iPhone 5S for just Rs. 68
Snapdeal made to deliver iPhone 5S for just Rs. 68

Snapdeal made to deliver iPhone 5S for just Rs. 68

Every Indian customer should read this story.Online companies leave no chance to lure it’s customers with so called heavy discounts and eventually breaches their trust from time to time by means of several shady tactics.

Many a times you order something perceiving it as a loot offer and ultimately get to know the truth after the shipment being cancelled by the company. This is exactly the point where most of us would let go the case. However the same didn’t happen in the case of Nikhil Bansal.

On February 12, Nikhil Bansal,  a B-tech student at Punjab University noticed a huge deal of by online retailer snapdeal on iPhone 5S. It’s, actual price on the site was  28,999 but according to the discount it was available at a 99.7 percent lesser rate. It could have been a technical glitch but Nikhil didn’t take much time etc place the order,. However he didn’t receive the product as snapdeal refuse to deliver, as expected.

Apparently,  Bansal filed a case with consumer court in Punjab’s sssangrur district in defiance of the huge online commerce snapdeal for not honouring the deal

The court in return did not just ordered snapdeal to send the product at promised rare but also slapped a fine of 2000 on them as a penalty. However snapdeal being such a big fortune didn’t step back and started a discussion against the scenario in some consumer forum,  but eventually ended up loosing again.

This time the company was slapped with a fine of 10,000 to shut the case. One small mistake proved to be a huge cost for the company. Good job Nikhil Bansal. Significantly though nikhil’s case shows us being aware of your consumer rights can do you a lot of good and even iPhone. Our system has a protection mechanism to save consumers and being aware of them is very important for all of us.

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