Self talking

Self talking

Accept it or not but most people do talk to themselves but don’t feel to share it, as talking to oneself is often associated with mental illness.

Interestingly, most of the great minds on world have/had a habit of Self talking.

”Even Albert Einstein used to repeat his sentences to himself softly. ”

In an experiment the psychologist Daniel swigley and Gary Lupyan gave 20 people the name of product like apple or banana and told them to find in a supermarket.

In the first round the subjects were prohibited of speaking anything but, in second trial they repeated the name of products out loud.

Subjects could find the items more easily when they repeated the product’s name. Taking name of anything out loud sparks our mind. However this only works when you know and can imagine the image of the item.  For example, subjects while finding banana could easily picturized it’s yellow correct and shape which ultimately helped them to pick it from the correct section of the supermarket.

Interestingly enough, it has been found that Self talking can benefit you especially while using ” you” instead of ” I ”, for e.g.; ” you can do that” is better than ” I can do that. ”

Talking as a second person helps you getting a wider point of view, thus giving you cognitive boost up.

Also, it has been proven to help with your personal problems by talking it out yourself, like the topics which you don’t feel like sharing with anyone.

Self talking can helps to:

  • After all no one knows you better than you yourself. It helps to reduce your stress and also lets you get a grasp on your problem by thinking it over and finding a solution to it, just like when girls talk out their problems with teddy bears. Thus letting you to organize your thought process.
  • Self talking can also have a great impact on improving your confidence, especially while praising yourself- the look or the mind.
  • Building your self- respect
  • Making friends
  • Feeling in control

Self talk can also do surprise by taking the load off your mind for the things or mistakes you would have done by mistake, and regret about.  It will definitely help lifting you mood up.

Debate both sides of a difficult decision.

Saying your options out loud and examining its pros and cons help bring you a right light and you’ll be surprised by the direction your mind can take you to.

There are two types of conversation according to Dr Aggrey irons, consultant psychiatrist and medical association of Jamaica.

The one when you talk out yourself and give feedback to you. It has surely no harm instead, it is healthy and adds another line of sensory input, Irons told ‘Your health’.

But when you start responding to voices from within, it’s an indicator of madness and a sign of auditory vision.

Irons also noted that if you find yourself in private captivity, it can help maintaining your reason and keep you focused.

It is also a way of learning when you Self talk by generating own thought and brilliant on them.

In another experiment by Athanasius kolovelonis and his colleagues of Thessaly in Greece, it was found that at on students learning to throw darts in a gym class, Self talking is really helpful especially when turned into a cycle of thought and action.

At first you plan to set your goal in mind, followed by your performance.

Finally self reflection when you evaluate your action and improve it.

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