Researchers at Iowa State University are moving forward with a long-delayed project in which a dozen students will be paid to eat genetically modified bananas.

As per The Des Moines register, the bananas were produced by an Australian researcher and is filled with a gene that is supposed to help people living in Africa make vitamins-A.

The process is being financially supported by Bill and Melinda gates, and they would pay $900 to each student.

Getting this very amount just to eat 3 bananas might seem ridiculous but is actually normal for subjects to get paid who participate in such research according to Drug and Food research administration with the clearly stated risks.

Previous week activists’ files a case in insolence of university officials and the Seattle headquarters of bills and Melinda gates.  More than 7000 people think that the trial is unsafe and have signed in the request form against it.

In the summer of 2014, White’s team sent an email to ISU students seeking a dozen female volunteers for the study. White said that the volunteer’s would be paid $900 to eat the equivalent of three bananas each. Just one of the bananas would be the genetically modified banana type. The participants were to eat a diet, including the bananas, for four days during each of three study periods, and then have their blood tested. White said more than 500 women responded to the query, and 12 were to be selected. White said in 2014 that the goal of her research was to help people in Africa increase their production of vitamin A.

The study is basically taking place because the researchers state that deficiency of vitamin A is the main reason to deaths caused in childhood from infectious diseases.  Thus, been proposed kids from dying from diarrhea, malaria or measles.

However there has not been animal testing of the trail of the genetically altered bananas and also the study is one of the 1st ever GMO Banana human feeding follow. There is significantly no advice on the adverse effect bananas can reason the participants.

Uganda is one of several African countries that signed the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, part of an agreement that applies the precautionary principle, which includes “taking into account risks to human health.”

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