Odd Even Rule in Delhi

Odd Even Rule in Delhi

” Odd even rule is temporary and a new long term plan is arriving soon–”

The rule of odd even in Delhi was merely an experiment and was for a short term basis. Our government is finding ways to set up a long term solution as stated by senior minister of environment, forests and climate change, Prakash javadekar.

The Govt is planning for new construction and demolition rule. Several bypass for trucks only will be constructed and we can expect Euro VI submission by 2020.

Every rule has its own importance but however Odd Even Rule was meant as a short term solution and now we are taking serious steps that will be proved as long term solution to aforesaid problem, javadekar said in an interview.

A visit by journalists has been organized by ministry of environment in six villages in Palder Gram Panchayat in Madhya Pradesh, adopted by javadekar. This will set up their social infrastructure.

The Odd Even Rule was implemented by chief minister of Delhi, Arvind kejriwal from January 1-15. According to him only odd numbered four wheelers were allowed to carry out on odd dates and even numbered on even days.

A decrement in pollution was noticed by experts.  More than that traffic jam saw a deep slope.

According to javadekar construction and destruction rule will be ordered in next 10-15 days.

Meanwhile Delhi government plans another round of traffic control measures to reduce pollution and cleanse the poisonous air of the capital- the world’s most polluted city.

On Thursday Arvind kejriwal said that for two weeks starting from April 15, cars will be allowed on roads only on alternate days, in spite of their odd or even number plates.

He also declared ‘‘we are seriously allowing for if we can do this every 15 days in a month. However it’s not possible to make it permanent until the betterment of public transport.

According to doctors, 16 million residents of Delhi are at a risk of getting severe lung damages. Few kids are there already having the lungs of chain smokers.

In a 2014 report by WHO, Delhi had the most polluted air among 1600 cities it studied.

VIPs will also be requested to follow the upcoming rule. Many of them followed it previously and even biked to work.

The construction and destruction rule was discussed in the country for over 10 last year’s until Narendra Modi ji got it started and is to be finalized under 18 months.

It will be proved as a boon to citizens.  But they should consider their part too by mainly relying on public transports.

Over next couple year, 150000 e-rickshaws are expected to ply on roads that will evidently change the whole situation of the capital.

The minister being worried about the ”clean Ganga campaign’’ said that a policy is being I considered where contractors for waste matter treatment plants.

In the COP21 meeting held at Paris, last December, minister confirmed that every state and district should be considered on achieving release targets by next 5 years.

As of now, the contribution of India to world release is just 5 % in contrast to 60% contribution by China, Europe and US, collectively.

He said our emission will grow as we are still a developing country.

Until now the main concerns of our government was water and energy saving.

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