Hand sanitizers really harmful for us

Hand sanitizers really harmful for us

These days, ‘Hand sanitizers’ work wonders for us, saves lot of time and are easy available, either in offices or homes-widely used everywhere.

But apart from its suitable to use we would like to warn you about the various ‘bad effects’ it can cause on you or your family’s precious health.

By the end of this page, you might want to cut down the use of hand sanitizers – the mysterious clear gel.

Are Hand sanitizers really harmful for us?????

Your hand sanitizer either contains ‘alcohol’ or ‘triclosan’ with antibacterial properties.

In case of alcohol based, its content should be above 60% to act properly but the standard is not maintained in cheaper ones. Even the one with 59% alcohol content will not work efficiently. Thus, cheaper is not always better.

However continuous use of alcohol based sanitizers can have bad effects on your skin and make them uneven and flaky as well, even if your sanitizer has ‘moisturising’ tagline.

Over time it can be observed that the wrinkle attack will be on your hands sooner than other parts. So try using some kind of lotions after sanitizing your hand.

In March 2012 six teenagers from California were hospitalised with alcohol poisoning from drinking hand sanitizers.

On the other hand if your sanitizer contains ‘triclosan’ you should start worrying and stop using it extremely.

This critically hampers your immunity and also can give increase to ‘superbugs’ or anti-biotic bacteria. More than ‘2300’ deaths were caused by superbugs in 2013 alone according to CDC report.

You should also know that above mentioned compound is an active ingredient of pesticides. More importantly in few cases it can also cause infertility.

Another chemical used in hand sanitizer is benzalkonium chloride which actually kills bacteria by dissolving their outer covering.

Surprisingly it also damages your body cells especially when you’re allergic to it. It is mainly used in antiseptics and is for external use only. Pregnant ladies should totally avoid it.

You might have noticed its sweet and fruity smell. Pleasant isn’t it??

Well for your information this sweet smelling smell of sanitizers comes from chemicals like ‘phthalate’ which can cause abnormal hormonal production and also ‘parabens’ which are said to be bad preservatives. These harmful chemicals get absorbed in your skin and eventually enter your blood stream every time you sanitize your hands.

BPA or Bisphenol-A should be a known name to you all.

For them who don’t, let me remind you that there was a movement recently (still going) to remove this chemical from plastic items.

It can have drastic effects on your endocrine system. Each time you sanitize your hands, a very little amount of BPA remains attached to the microscopic folds of your palms. Thus there’s a chance of its going inside your body while eating or something.

According to a study it results in “Arrhytmia” – irregular beating that can cause cardiac attack to your body.

Parents nowadays are seen to rely so much on sanitizers for their kids. It can really be harmful for your kids if they somehow ingested it-which they usually do with something that has nice fragrance. So there is a warning ” keep it away from children” behind the bottle in fine prints. It also results in lowering your kid’s immunity.

In a research by North-western research centre- immunity of child is seriously hampered by use of sanitizers.  The study especially looked for inflammatory substances; C-reactive protein (CRP) in children’s urine sample. They said these children will face serious immunity issues in their adult phase of life.

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