First Zika Virus Vaccine Made in India
First Zika Virus Vaccine Made in India


India Made First Zika Virus Vaccine in World

Zika Virus : A mosquito borne disease, Zika virus is the latest dengue like fever that is threatening our existence, but it seems like India has found a solution to this latest deadly virus. A Hyderabad based firm referred to as Bharat Biotech, which is a vaccines and bio therapeutic manufacture, has announced that they have developed the World’s First Zika Virus Vaccine, which has been related to severe birth defects in thousands of infants in Brazil and is quickly spreading in the Americas.

India has developed the World’s first Vaccine for Zika:

Zika Virus Vaccine

Krishna Ella, CMD, Bharat Biotech said, “We have 2 candidate vaccines in development. One is a recombinant vaccine and another inactivated vaccine that has reached the stage of pre clinical testing in animals.”

The inactivated vaccine that consists of the diseases causing microbe which is killed with chemicals, heat or radiation, is extra stable & safer vaccine compared to vaccines using live microbes.

The other Zika Virus Vaccine, referred as Recombinant DNA vaccine, is based on the technology of using an attenuated virus or bacterium to initiate microbial DNA to cells of the body.

“We believe we have an early mover advantage in developing the vaccine and are probably the first in the world to file for global patent for Zika Vaccine candidates, named as Zikavac,” Bharat Biotech CMD Krishna Ella said.

He pointed out that the Bharat Biotech had commenced research work on Zika Virus Vaccine in 2014-end when it was also working on Chikungunya that is transmitted by the same Aedes mosquito.

According to Bharat Biotech CMD, the company has already informed the Government of India and World Health Organisation (WHO) about its work was open to associations with countries like Brazil, the hardest hit with 3,530 reported cases of the devastating birth defect known as microcephaly in 2015 that are strongly suspected to be linked to Zika Virus.

“If it grants all the required regulatory approvals soon keeping in mind the serious nature of the disease, the Bharat Biotech will be able to bring the Zika Virus Vaccine to the market in the next 2 years,” Ella said.

Now, the vaccine maker is focusing towards scale up & characterization of the vaccine product, Bharat Biotech CMD further said.

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