Dealing fatigue with increasing age

6 Way for Dealing fatigue with increasing age

Young mind, young body!! Nice phrase right? But what happens when you reach your late 30s or 40s, when your fitness level decreases significantly and you start feeling clumsy or get tired easily!! These might also happen in 20s. You frequently start feeling energy deprived and might rely on some supplements with various side effects. So is the Health Tips for Dealing fatigue with increasing age.

However most of the causes of fatigue/tiredness don’t need medical treatment. You just go to maintain few basic healthy habits. Everyone is think about How to Deal Fatigue. We are going to sort out a list which will help you to Dealing fatigue with increasing age and also achieve fatigue-less life and might also slow down the ageing process.

List of tips for Dealing fatigue with increasing age

Shut the stress up

Dealing fatigue with increasing age

There’s a difference between ‘stress-boosters’ and ‘stress-busters.’ In today’s world, most stuff will boost your stress and leave you with an upset mood. Better find some ‘stress-busters’ of your choice like hitting gym, playing squash or listening Trance. You could also maintain a stress diary for few weeks. It is an effective stress management tool as it will make your aware of the situations that because you stress. Nevertheless, talking with your close friend is always a good idea. It is a great way to reduce fatigue.

Get going

Dealing fatigue with increasing age

You might be breaking rocks in the day but working on daily basis won’t just shape you up but also increase your stamina that goes down as age goes up. Low stamina can be belt especially during the heavy pounding of your heartbeat while taking those stairs. Evening brisk walk of 20 minutes every day will do the trick. In addition this also helps you in controlling your weight, reducing risk of severe cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, strengthen your bones and muscles and ultimately increase the chance of Irving longer. Walking is the Best Fatigue Solution.

Go easy with alcohol

Dealing fatigue with increasing age

Although few shots with your friends at evening party will make you feel good but will eventually lead to am hampered sleep. You may have a long sleep but ultimately you’ll feel exhausted the very next day. Heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to chronic fatigue synnndrome (CFS), which can be defined as a type of tiredness that is not relieved by rest and that is not caused by other medical conditions. Its symptoms can make it difficult for people to take care of their responsibilities and engage in activities they enjoy.

Sound sleep

Dealing fatigue with increasing age

Make sure that you are getting at least 5 hours of sound sleep every day. Due to mental pressure there are quite a less people who can actually sleep with good intensity. To compensate, try getting 7 hours of sleep. Deprived sleep can cause daytime fatigue, and also increases chance of accidents. The solution is early to bed, early to rise. Proper sleeping is also best Health Tips to Combat fatigue with increase age.

Compromise with caffeine

Dealing fatigue with increasing age

Lots of people start consuming caffeine as it makes them feel alert and help with their mood swings. But new research from Johns Hopkins medical school by controlling for caffeine use in study participants, researchers found that caffeine related performance improvement is non-existent without caffeine control. In essence, cutting off your caffeine intake lowers your intellectual performance. It also sometimes has a negative effect on your mood.

Obviously- drink water

Dealing fatigue with increasing age

Half of the people who complain about fatigue are actually dehydrated. Drinking right amount of water is the easiest way to stay alert and energized. After exercise make sure to replace lost fluid with water. Also, you can make your own lemonade to freshen up. If you live in a dry climate, be sure to drink water before you’re thirsty, as the signs of dehydration may not be shown in such region. Stop drinking coffee or tea is one best solution for fatigue.

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