Best way to charge the iPhone

Best way to charge the iPhone

Now a days we all have Smartphone. Some of us have iPhone also. Smartphone have become our ever present assistant, but so many times we will be halfway through the day with a phone on the verge of dying because it cannot hold charge. Most important things in iPhones or any Smart phones are Battery. If our Battery is not charged than we do not use our phone for any purpose. Battery is important things while we go out. So here we provide the information about the Reason of not down iPhone Battery at 0%.

Why you should never let your iPhone Battery go down 0 % or Best way to charge the iPhone:

  • The iPhone has a Lithium-ION That is designed for rugged and inconsistence use.
  • Lithium Batteries only have a Limited number of “Full Charged Cycles” before their charging quality is severely reduced.
  • A full charge cycle is defined by going from 100 % to 0 %.
  • After 400 cycles the phone loses 20 % of its charging capability.
  • That means do not charge your mobile phone overnight or use it until it dies.
  • With prolonged storage of a fully dead phone you risk the battery falling into a “Deep Discharge State”.
  • This renders it incapable of holding a charge. It can also cause it to short circuit.
  • On other hand, overcharging can cause slight degradations of the battery’s total capacity.
  • Overcharging can overheat your phone and lead to a Phenomenon called Thermal Runaway.
  • In essence, this is a chemical process that makes your battery go Ka-Boom.
  • Luckily –Morden Phones have failsafe to prevent all of this.
  • But those features come at the price of degrading battery life.
  • So, keep your battery topped off between 50 to 100 %.
  • This will help extend your overall battery life.
  • To make this feasible-invest in a mobile charging device like IGO’S portable power device.
  • This way you can easily top off when you are out and about.
  • But there is a catch once in a month you should let your phone go through one full charge cycle for upkeep.
  • This will help recalibrate the battery’s gauge and keep its electronics flowing regularly with maximum efficiency.

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