4500 Year Old Boat Found Near Abusir pyramids, South of Cairo

4500 Year Old Boat Found Near Abusir pyramids, South of Cairo

A remarkable discovery as being as being called by many scientists of a 4500 Year Old Boat Found Near Pyramids, South of Cairo estimated years boat has been made near the Abusir pyramids, South of Cairo. It was excavated by a team of Czech archaeologists.

In a statement, by the Egyptian antiquities minister, the boat may belong to the owner of tomb which as believed is a high rank. It was covered by sand and was buried in a stone bed, which somehow helped in its preservation in all those year.  All the equipment of the boat were intact in its original state, as it seemed to the excavators.

Several scholars quote this as a very unique and important discovery so far, that will significantly offer us a great opportunity to get the idea of ancient Egyptian watercraft and their importance in funerary cult. Excavation director Miroslav Barta says, ” When there is one there may be other boats as well”.

However the exact concept of this wooden vessel is still unknown but few specialist believe this to be some kind of solar vessel used by its owner for travelling the underworld. While others in contrast indicate it to are funerary offerings used by the descendant in hereafter.

As believed several boats were concealed underground by ancient kings but had never been found in any of the pyramids, rather than few empty pits filled with timber or brown dirt.

However two boats are exclusions which belonged to hush, the Pharaoh, who built the great pyramid at Giza. When found,, their state was pretty wrecked up and is now  being restored. The Abusir boat is first vessel of significant dimension from old Kingdom that has been found in a non-royal context, the archaeologist said. ”This is highly unusual discovery since boats of such a size and construction was during this period, reserved solely for top members of society who usually belonged to the royal family ”, Barta said.boat is located nearly 40 feet south of the mastaba

The 4500 Year Old Boat Found is located nearly 40 feet south of the mastaba, it’s inclination, length and collected pottery from the interiors sums up a relation between structure and the boat. Another proof is the discovery of a stone bowl from mastaba underground chambers with the name of King Huni engraved on it . He was third dynasties last Pharoah. This ultimately dates the tomb with that time.

Since the boat is not placed adjacent to royal pyramid, the owner of the boat was most probably not a royal member. In spite of, the boat indicates his extraordinary social position; his name remains unknown as the burial shift has not been found yet. Owner’s high rank can be predicted by size of tomb and presence of boat itself. He definitely had deep relations to the then Pharoah with accordance of archaeologists.

Excavation is expected to continue by the team next spring. To study the methods used in vessel’s construction a project has been launched by Czech Institute of Egyptology experts and from the Institute of nautical archaeology at Texas A&M University.

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