Top 10 Yoga pose for healthy hair

Top 10 Yoga pose for healthy hair Growth and reduce hair loss

So many of us are facing the hair loss and other hair problem like damage hair, dandruff etc. General reason for hair loss is vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, stress. All women and girls deserve a healthy, long and shiny hair and there are different way improve hair such use home remedy, eat proper nutrient food, do exercise, yoga and also take doctors and hair expert advice. Many Yoga pose for healthy hair is available from, which are not good for healthy hair, but also great for healthy body.

Yoga pose to reduce hair loss are Thunderbolt pose, downward facing dog pose, Standing forward bend pose, Rabbit pose, shoulder stand pose, camel pose, rubbing nails posture, Fish pose, Raised Feet pose, deep breathing, wind relieving pose, Meditation, from that here we provide 10 Best Yoga pose for healthy hair Growth.

Below is the list of Top 10 Yoga pose for healthy hair:-

Matsyasana or Fish pose:

It is one of the Great and easy Yoga pose for healthy hair. You can practice Matsyasana easily. Lie down straight on your back with hand at your back of your thighs. You have give pressure on your elbows and pull the stomach upwards. Stays in this position for 30 second and come down. It will help to reduce headache, cure asthma, stop bleeding haemorrhoids and reduce hair loss.

Kapalbhati or Deep Breathing  

Deep breathing is same as meditation. Kapalbhati is the breathing method, which over a period of time, cure a many of ailments. Sit on the floor with leg cross. Breathe deeply and start breathes out air in quick, short burst. Repeat this and when you breathe out represent in your abdominal muscles. Kapalbhati will help you in weight loss, improve respiratory system and also improve body tone.

Sasangasana or Rabbit pose  

In this first you need to sit on a mat and stay the hips on the heel. Then put your hands on the back and try to hold the heels. Put head on the floor and slowly lift up the hips. Stay on this position for 2 minutes and return the previous position. This is one of the Best Yoga pose to improve hair growth. It will help your to improve hormones and digestive system and reduce depression.

Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend

To do Uttanasana first stand upright. Breathe in deeply and turn forward in way so that your palms touch to the ground. You must keep on in this situation for 30 second and after that come up. It is one best Yoga pose for healthy hair. It help you to stretches hips, hamstring and calves, reduce stress and clam your mind.

Ustrasana or Camel pose

It is Great pose for rejuvenating the hair blood cells. To practice this yoga pose first you need to sit on your knees on mat and stay your hands on the waist with the thumbs behind. Now lift up your body and hold feet using your hand. Stay on this position for 30 seconds for excellent result.

Uttanpadasana or Raised Feet pose  

To do this first you need to push your legs backward and don’t required to lift your hips as well. Keep legs raised to make a 90 degree with floor. This is also one the Amazing Yoga Asanas to reduce hair loss. It is best to reduce back pain, weight lose and also improve digestion system. It is one of easiest Yoga pose to improve hair growth.

Vajrasana or Thunderbolt pose

This pose is also kwon as diamond pose. Do practice this pose you need sit on your knees while resting the back on heel. Put your palms on the thighs, facing downwards. You must keep your back straight, do breathing deeply. Do this for 2 minutes at a stretch. It improves the blood circulation to upper part of body and also improves energy. It ia one best Yoga pose for healthy hair.

Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand Pose

To do this pose first your need lie down on your back and lift legs from the floor to create 90 degree angle. Breathe out and raise your waist simultaneously when pushing the leg backward beyond head. It will help your improve blood circulation to head. It is one Best Yoga pose for healthy hair Growth.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog pose

For practice this pose first you need to stand on the mat with feet flat. Than keep hands on the either side of body when facing the palms toward the thighs.Then bring body download slowly, when briging palms to ground. Place stomach in and breathe in deeply. Stay on this pose for a minute and return to previous position. It will help you to increase blood to head, which help you to improve hair growth.

Balayam or Rubbing nails pose

 This one of the easiest Yoga pose for hair health everyone can do practice of this pose. First you have to cure your finger of hand inward to palms. Then bring all the nails in touch with each other and start rubbing them generously. Do it for 2 minutes at a stretch.

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