10 Indian states and their food delicacies
10 Indian states and their food delicacies careinfo.in

10 Indian states and their food delicacies

After arriving India- the land bestowed with with blessing of 33 million gods, you’ll surely be amazed with its vibrancy and diversified culture. Other than its various traditions,  culture and language, the one thing that goes unnoticed is the cuisine part. Dishes from each 29 states and 7 union territories will leave you amazed and mouth watering.

To give you a better insight, let’s check out few Indian states and their specialist in foods loved by people of every age group.


SIKKIM Traditional food

Both – people of Sikkim and, the food are awesome.This state has got a very unique aroma and taste that will leave you completely speechless- no matter if you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. However one of the best dishes from Sikkim includes Phagshopa-pork fat strip served with chilies and radish.Another very famous cuisine from this region is Momo which is familiar to every on of us. Other famous dishes of the region includes Thukup, ningro with churpi, gundruk,  sael roti, chaang etc.


Andhra Pradesh Traditional food

This state has given the world the most distinctive sensation of its dishes- Biryani .If you ever get the chance to visit Andhra pradesh don’t forget to taste the authentic Hyderabad biryani. It is made of layered rice mainly with chicken or red meat and even vegetables.This place is also famous for foods like ghongura, Mirchi salan,  pickle, korikoora etc.


JAMMU & KASHMIR Traditional food

It is northern most state of India known for its heavenly pleasures among tourists. This cold region has got abundance in spices like saffron, cardamom, etc.

One of the signature cuisine if this place is ‘Rogan Josh’ in which meat is cooked with browned onions,  spices and yogurt. Abundance of red chillies imparts a dramatic red color to the curry. Dishes like paneer chaman, yogurt lamb curry and khatta baingan, dum aaloo, haank can never be ignored.They’hv also got a special tea called ‘mukh-mukh’ which contains jaggery instead of sugar. Another incredible item is kalaadi cheese,  native to the land.


TAMIL NADU Traditional food

Your visit to India is incomplete if you haven’t tasted ‘Idli’ and ‘Dosa.’Dosa can be of many types but the mostly eaten is ‘Masala Dosa.’It’s a fermented crepe made of rice batter and filled with spicy fried potatoes and is served with Sambhar and Coconut chutney. One must not forget to try varieties of Idli, appam Rassam, Chettinad chicken and Pongal when in this region.


WEST BENGAL Traditional food

West Bengal is famously known as the land of maach(fish) and bhaat(rice).This place has an abundance use of fishes in their food as many rivers surround the state, Rohu and pabda being the popular ones. Also hilsa is an oily and tender fish which holds a cultural importance to this place.Panch phoron is popular among Bengalis, include spices like cumin, Nigella,  fenugreek, aniseed and mustard seed etc.

They have a great confections and Bengali sweets are the most famous in the country. It includes chum chum, Sandesh, rosogulla, rasmalai,and a special brown ‘misti doi’- flavoured yogurt served in earthen pots.


PUNJAB traditional food

The land of lions,  once you visit here your senses will be mesmerized by the it’s earthly heritage and lush green fields and robust living standard. Makke di roti with sarso ki saag’ is one of the main dishes of Punjab along with ‘Chola bhatura.’Corn and mustard are the major production of this area. Lassi and buttermilk are the form of refreshing drinks of Punjabi people.

This region is home to authentic tandoori food. Butter is heavily used in many recipes like butter chicken or bhuna gosht. Chicken Tikka and Amritsari macchhi are also very delicious and so are the vegetarian items equally delightful such as paneer Tikka and Dal makhani.



This is the land of Maharajas and is famous for its folk cultures.The state of rising sun- one if the hottest place in summer.Every district in rajasthan holds its own speciality. Their most famous dishes are ‘Dal baati choorma’ and ‘Laal Maas.’Unlike the normal traditional norms of serving the dessert at the end,  here sometimes dessert are served along with the main course or even before to start the things on a sweet note.

Some other famous cuisines which you must taste in your visit are Mohan Maas,  Kerry sangria, bondi rasta, Gatte ki pulao etc.They have got some mind boggling sweet items like dil khusal, ghewar, choorma laddoo etc


BIHAR food

Ancient bihar known as ‘Magadh’ was centre of power,  learning and culture for over 1000 years.It has a unique aroma in its dishes. We bring you some must try cuisines of this place.The lip-smacking taste of Litti chokha needs no introduction and is widely eaten all over the country.

It is basically wheat flour dough baked and stuffed with roasted gram flour,  spices and lemon juice served with chokha-marshed boiled potatoes and veggies. While some people like their litti dipped in ‘ghee’,  it tastes good in all forms.

Other mouth watering dishes are; Chana ghugni,  Dal pitha,  Dal puri, kabhi badi, etc. Bihari people love sweets, famously includes,  khaja,  khurma,  Malpua,  balusahi, pedakiya, laktho.



people from this region are simply crazy about food. Be  it the exclusive restraunts or the tapdis in street food,  both are equally awesome. Here they belive ” Anna hi ppornabrahma”, meaning food is equal to creator of universe. While your visit to maharashtra,  the one item will you’ll come across every corner is their staple dish vada pav.

It’s easy to make and serve. Pav means loaf of bread and vada is spicy potato filling dipped and fried in the batter of gram flour. It’s served with tangy chutneys Other devices items include modal,  kolhapuriii fish curry, baked  potato Karan ji etc.

10. Gujarat

Traditional Gujarati food

Traditional Gujarati food is  dhokla which is a well-known snack or breakfast item that is both healthy & delicious. Other popular delicacies include the thepla , khandvi, dhansak and Gujarati kadhi.

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