Wave Energy Generators

Wave Energy Generators

Wave Energy as the name suggests, harnesses the power of the ocean to produce electricity that is far more environment friendly than traditional power methods. Coal which although great source for producing about 44% of our electricity, but it is limited for some years. So what is another way to produce the electricity? One the options are Ocean Wave. Wave energy technology has finally proved its feasibility to provide renewable, clean energy on a mass scale. It is the high power density of wave energy that suggests it has the capacity to become the lowest cost renewable energy source. Here we give the information about Australia First to Receive Electricity Using Zero emission Wave Energy Generators.

World’s First Grid-connected Wave Power station switched on in Australia:

The Perth Wave Energy Project has demonstrated that the CETO 5 wave energy generators, developed by Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, are capable of using the movement of the ocean to provide electricity to a naval base near Garden Island in Australia. The site is the first commercial ocean wave energy installation. It has channelled zero-emissions energy from three CETO 5 units into a functioning power grid for 14000 cumulative hours.

CETO 5 named for the ancient Greek Sea goddess is a part of the Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project a multimillion dollar initiative built to demonstrate the commercial viability of a large-scale wave power. The system is already turning heads both for the energy it produces, as well as doesn’t produce the pollution.

Here we give the short video of Wave Energy and it is also shows the process of how the fully submerged CETO 5 system, made up to a 240kW buoy tethered to a water pump, converts the movements of the ocean into a stream of high-powered water, which is then is used to create hydroelectricity and power a reverse-osmosis desalination plant.

Carnegie Wave Energy claims the generator system has minimal impact on marine life, does not produce pollution, can be deployed in a variety of depths and sea floor conditions and is unaffected by storms. With the commercial viability of the CETO system now established, the idea of a technology that produces both clean energy and clean water has many energy experts excited.

Carnegie has secured an additional 20$ million in financing to pursue improvements in the next-generation CETO 6.The company and its supports now face the challenges of increasing the scale of  wave energy projects while decreasing the cost of installations.

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