So, special day for the love birds is nearing. Needless to say, Valentine’s is a day when one really wants to make it as extraordinary as possible, as you want to create long lasting memories. In all the rush and excitement, ideas tend to flush out of your brain or you just fear that it won’t turn out as interesting and unique as you want it to!

So, here are a few ideas to love and feel loved. few ideas to love and feel loved.

CLASSIC ALWAYS WORKS: Believe it or not, there are few things which remain evergreen. Let’s just say who doesn’t want a romantic candle light dinner, or a quite night with light music at the beach, or a box of chocolates and bunch of red roses waiting up, or a simple but thoughtful greeting card just to brush you through the love that exists? There is no better way to express your love in less complicated ways. The ways in which you will want to feel loved and special. Doesn’t feel so difficult now. Does it?
valentine’s, why not plan something special with your partner

WHY PLAN ALONE?  It’s you who is always saying that times have changed and so have people! So actions speak better than words. This valentine’s, why not plan something special with your partner? No surprises; just the two of you putting your thoughts in action together. I guarantee it will be the best valentines of your times. And keep the surprises for some other day!celebrate your love is to celebrate the times you first met

SOMETHING REAL… This is my personal favorite. Every love has a story to it. New or old, long or short, you have your story. It is just for the two of you to remember and experience the nostalgia. Best way to celebrate your love is to celebrate the times you first met, your first date, first laughs, and first gifts. Build a day to relive those moments again. To visit the same places and recall the times that were…

ANIMATED STORIES: This is really a step forward. Get a movie made out of animations. The movie may star you and your valentine. Create a sequence of the special days and events so far. The way you met and proposed. Thereafter, how you two fall in love. Watch it together and instantly see the love revived. It will feel so new and fresh!GIFTS TALK TOO

GIFTS TALK TOO!! There are times when you cannot decide on a perfect gift for your partner. Actually, it happens most of the times. Right?! Why not just ask your partner, a few months in advance of the things he/she require. It needs creativity to make them talk. But it is so much easier that way. It ensures they get what they really need and want. And you are spared of all the last minute guessing.

As long as you are in love and respect each other, most of the days are to celebrate! Here’s wishing everyone a happy valentine day in advance! LOVE!!!

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