The Samsung WELT Belt

The Samsung WELT Belt

We all wear Belt with various designs and colour to look smart and beautiful. We wear the belt according our choice and which is suit on our dress/Jens/trouser, etc.Here we talk about new type of Belt which tells if you eat too much. Just when you though technology firms were running out of place to stick sensors without applying for a medical licence.

Tech companies at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics show love to trot out a parade of eye-catching new gadgets that may or may not actually make it to market. Samsung has gone and surprised us with WELT: a smart belt that’s designed to track your general health via the waist. This Belt analyze things like, waistlines, eating habits and physical movement.

The WELT stands for Wellness Belt which means Smart Wearable Health Belt.

It looks just like a normal belt which is a good thing, but it is loaded with Sensors and pairs up with your phone so it can tell you things like how long you have been sitting down or how many steps you have taken that day. It has also micro USB port for charging things up.

In addition, the belt also pairs up with an app which receives a constant stream of data about you. The app analyzes this data so it tells you things about yourself, like whether you have overeaten, or your waistline size. The belt will also warn you if you seem to eat too much as your stomach expand and apply pressure to the buckle. You will be able to change the notification sound into something suitably embarrassing to ensure its warning is effective.

The WELT was made by Samsung’s Creative Lab, which is more of an experimental department within Samsung. The WELT is a prototype as of now, though it looks like a fully functional normal belt.

There is no price because this isn’t a commercial product. The WELT is still in development, a Samsung rep at CES told us, and is not currently available for retail.

Here we give the video of Samsung’s WELT, which you can watch below:

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