The Floating Hotel

The Floating Hotel

All of us have a dream that we all travel around the world. We all travel around the world by plane, bus, train or etc.But in this we travel some limited distance not all around the world. In this vehicle we travel some limited distance and then change the other vehicle. So it is sometime very boaring.So here we give the information about the This Floating Hotel can sail around the World thanks to its shapeshifting Spine. Can you imagine that you can travel around the world with the help of Hotel or Floating Hotel.   A journey without end is the dream of many a traveller, but thanks to the work of London based designer Gianluca Santosusso, this fantasy could one day be reality.

This unique Floating Hotel stands to change the cruise industry. The hotel is built around the flexible spine ½ mile long, that changes shape based on the ocean currents. It would slowly travel around the world, docking in cities to let passengers board or disembark.

Neither a ship nor a hotel, Santosuosso’s design, the MORPHotel, combines elements of both to create a floating structure that gives guests a truly unique travel experience. The buoyant spine-shaped craft is comprised of a collection of capsules that house a host of luxurious rooms and an equally impressive array of amenities.

In Santosuosso’s vision, guests float easy across the seas while enjoying themselves in the structure’s pool or in one of its multiple restaurants, theatres or gardens. The capsules themselves feature several window and skylights to make the make the most of natural light and to allow guests to enjoy the ever-changing ocean view.

As Santosusso envisages it, the MORPHotel will be powered by the wave and solar energy, making it entirely self-sufficient. It even boasts a helipad, enabling guests to reach it regardless of their location.

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