LG OLED TV which rolled like Newspaper

LG OLED TV which rolled like Newspaper

TV is most used entertainment electronic device. We all watch the TV in our spare time and TV is most useful entertainment device in world. Now a day’s many types of TV are available in the market with extra features. Many manufacturing companies likely, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Videocon, etc are available in the market. They all come with new and advance feature to stay in market.LG,Samsung,Sony and other display manufactures have expose flexible screen before but this concept is more advanced and freely, surprising. Today we give the information about LG come with OLED TV which is rolled like Newspaper.

What is interesting about this is the sheer size of the panel, if you can call it such; most manufactures have shown off bendable displays at different smaller sizes in the past and of course curved HDTVs have been stores for many years now.

Instead of this fitting a Smartphone that you could put in your pocket, a display like this is much tougher to pull off and removes the hard barrier you would find on a large tablet or convertible laptop that sets its form factor a certain way.

LG to unveiled 18-inch OLED display that can be rolled up like a newspaper:

The paper-thin product was announced by the Korean giant ahead of the CES technology show taking place in Las Vegas. Details of the foldable display have yet to be released, but experts suggest the technology could soon be used on Smartphone and in car screens that curve around a vehicle’s interior.

Alongside their bendable screen, LG will also showcase a paper-thin, 55-inch double-sided display that can show video, images on both sides.

Among the curved OLEDs, 8K TVs and automotive displays was something I’d heard about but never seen before. A display so thin—just 0.18mm which can be rolled up like a poster. The 18-inch OLED display was tightly rolled into a cone shape, supported by a black stand and wedged into a chunk of plastic like a pair of lips. On its surface, improbably, danced images of city skylines and other demo footage, rendered alien by the tight curvature.

Samsung is reportedly working on a foldable phone, while Sharp has also created a free form display that can be customized to fit different space and needs.

Foldable, beadable digital devices may not be far off from the consumer market, given the amount of development and prototypes coming out of industry.

You can also watch the video of LG OLED TV which rolled like Newspaper which is given as below:

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