Infant Cries Translator App tells Parents why their Baby is crying

Infant Cries Translator App tells Parents why their Baby is crying

Now a day there are many apps which are making our life simpler and easy going. Here we talk about the app which tells you why your baby is crying. Parents of newborns go through a lot of anguish trying to determine why their babies are crying. When baby is crying we predict: why baby is crying? Is it hungry? Tired? Needs to change diaper? Taiwanese researchers make a new app which tells you that why your baby is crying. They say that their new app can tell the difference between a baby’s varieties of cries and perhaps provide the answers.

The Infant Cries Translator App can identify four distinct crying noises by recording them for comparison with a large database said by The app’s developers at National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin.

For create the database they spent 2 years collecting some 2, 00,000 various crying sounds from around 100 newborn babies. The app when loaded on a Smartphone can analyze a baby’s crying sounds in 15 seconds. The Infant Cries Translator App can various 4 statuses of sound of baby crying, including hunger, the diaper getting wet, Sleepy and Pain, said research leader Chang Chuan-yu.

For babies who are under 2 week old, the app give 92 % accuracy but the accuracy of the Infant Cries Translator App analysis falls off as the baby gets older. Still they say the accuracy is still around 77 % for a 4 month old baby.

After six months Infant Cries Translator App becomes less useful as babies become more comfortable in their environment.

The sound database is constantly being updated in the cloud and a machine leading algorithm allows parents to personalize the apps for their baby.

For use this Infant Cries Translator App you must download the apps.After that set birth date and nationality for the newborn baby. Use this app when the baby begins to cry. When baby begins to crying press the app’s record button for around 10 seconds sends the sound to the cloud. After analysis using the database is complete, the result is returned to the parent’s mobile device.

So mum can depend on the actual situation to determine whether the analysis result is correct or not to make a revision for the apps.This Infant Cries Translator App was available in early 2015 for iOS at the Apple App Store and Android device on Google Play at a cost of $2.99.

You can also watch the video of Infant Cries Translator App tells Parents why their Baby is crying given as below.

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