Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes

Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes

The entire world’s a fashion opponent especially if you are a woman. From caliphates to socialist publics and even in the independent West, strict laws have governed what people wear. It is a moral war paid on our wardrobes and it still rages today.

Take Gambia, newly declared an Islamic republic, where female government workers have just been insist on to “use head ties and neatly wrap their hair”

These unfortunate civil servants may have been recommending, but for citizens of some countries, lost from the prescribed dress code is altogether more serious, carrying a prison sentence, fine or even public beating.

So in the spirit of sartorial solidarity, we take a look at five nations where personal style and political style are one and the same.

Here we provide the information about the 5 Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes which is given as below.

Top 5 Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes:

North Korea: No trouser for women and hair cuts for men

Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes

The hermit kingdom is one of the least visited countries on planet. In North Korea men are supposed to trim their hair every 15 days and older men are given leniency so that their hair can grow enough to cover bald spots. While most men are allotted a maximum hair length of 2 inches, 50 years old men and other older can grow their hair an additional 3/4th inche.Women are not permitted to wear pants and if infraction occurs, the pant wearing offender faces a period at one of the North’s terrible labour camps.

Sudan: No make-up for men and lashes for pant wearing women

Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes

 In Sudan, women are published for punished for wearing pants with lashes and hefty fine. In Sudan in 2014 there was outrage as nine women faced 40 lashes for the crime of wearing western-style jeans. Sudanese public decency laws are extremely strict and bear the beliefs of the mostly. While women are banned from wearing trousers, men too have laws governing their behaviour. In Last December, 7 men were arrested and charged with public indecency for wearing makeup at a fashion show.

Saudi Arabia: ban on bare skin for women and cross-dressing for men

Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes

It doesn’t matter whether you are local or foreign-if you are a woman and you are in Saudi Arabia, irregular an inch of flesh is a criminal act. Muslim women are required to wear a niqab and long black cloak called an abaya, while foreign women can get away with a long coat and bare head, if they dare. But clothing restrictions don’t only apply to women: in 2009, the Saudi government arrested 67 men at a private party in Riyadh. The crime: cross-dressing and behaving like women.

France: Ban on Burqas and niqab

Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes

France introduced a “burqa ban” in 2010, a law that made it illegal for people to cover their faces in public.Amied at everything from motorcycle helmets to hoods and balaclavas, the law has been widely criticized as discriminatory towards Muslim women, who wear Burqas and niqab for religious reasons. In 2014, a case brought against the ruling was rejected by the European Court of Human Rights, on grounds that uncovered faces encourage citizens to “live together”.

Uganda: Ban on Miniskirts

Countries with Extremely Strictly Dress Codes

It is a bad time, too for women in socially conservative Uganda, who face arrest if they are seen wearing skirts or shorts “above the knee”, followings new legislation that bans “indecent deressing”.Part of a new anti-pornography bill, the law has led to several incidents of women being harassed and assaulted in the streets.

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