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Warning Signs that your Vagina is Unhealthy

Every woman should concern about a healthy vagina. As the most vital and sensitive part of all the women’s body, vagina should be properly taken care of and preserved with great hygiene. The healthy vagina is acidic and has high amounts of useful bacteria which maintain balanced pH levels and help in the battle against bacteria. An unhealthy vagina can affect your libido and fertility. Here is some Warning Signs that your Vagina is Unhealthy. Long term vaginal distress may affect your relationship with your partner, induce stress and lower your self confidence. An unhealthy vagina is extra susceptible to vaginal yeast infections like vulvovaginal candidiasis & genital. So here we provide the information about 8 Warning Signs that tell your Vagina is Unhealthy.

8 Warning Signs that your Vagina is Unhealthy:-

Warning Signs that your Vagina is Unhealthy

Burning and Itching:

Burning and itching is usually caused by friction and irritation. Burning and itching sensation indicates the onset of several vaginal infections. When the harmful bacteria outnumber the good bacteria in the vagina, the imbalance manifests itself through the physical symptom of burning and itching.

Dry Vagina:

Common causes of dry vagina include anxiety, irritants, medication and hormonal changes. Vagina cannot be dry all the time. But, if there is dryness for excessive amounts of time, you need to go for a check up.

Smelly Discharge:

Smelly discharge is most common Signs of an Unhealthy Vagina. It is unlikely for your vagina to smell, but if you note a recurrent strong odor, one that even transfers to your undergarments, it may be a sign of an infection. An excess of harmful bacteria causes bacterial vaginosis. A foul smelling vaginal discharge is frequently the most common symptom of this infection. Therefore, take medical attention right away if you notice a vaginal odor.

Abnormal Bleeding:

Abnormal bleeding a hormonal one sidedness may cause abdominal bleeding which can be very dangerous. If you experience bleeding between periods, it’s a cause for alarm. A menstrual cycle that lasts abnormally long can also be a sign that there’s a problem. Some women can also notice the passage of blood clots through the vagina post menopause is another Warning Signs that your Vagina is Unhealthy.

Discoloration and Excessive Discharge:

Vaginal discharge is the body’s natural system to maintain the vagina lubricated & flush out harmful bacteria. A red or brown discharge that happens right after a menstrual cycle is frequently not a matter of concern. But, if you experience red or brown discharge on normal days between periods, take medical attention because it might be indicative of cervical cancer. A gray or yellow, watery white discharge may be a sign of bacterial vaginosis.

Painful Urination:

Another Warning Signs that your Vagina is Unhealthy includes painful urination. Painful urination is most commonly associated with urinary tract infections, it may also be a major sign of a vaginal infection like a bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections. A vaginal infection may occur due to the use of products like soaps & creams that contain certain harmful chemicals.

Bleeding during or after Intercourse:

This is another Signs which Show that your Vagina is Unhealthy. Bleeding during or after intercourse in a woman of any age could indicate a vaginal infection, a vaginal tear and vaginal dryness. The friction produced during intercourse can irritate dry skin & cause spotting. If you have gone through menopause & experience bleeding during or after intercourse, it is a great cause for worry as it could signify cervical cancer.


If you notice a bump or blisters on your outer vagina, it may be a symptom of vaginal cancer. A cancerous bump can start as a mole but change color & texture to transform into a hard bump. The bump may occur anywhere on the outer vagina, although it is most usually located near the clitoris. It is generally dark brown or black, but it can also be red or white, pink.

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