This USA university Already Knows There Next President

This USA university Already Knows There Next President

Today we talk about next President, which actually This USA university Already Knows There Next President. So, here we give some information about Next president in our article below.

This USA university Already Knows There Next President: No one can know precisely how Americans people will vote in the 2016 elections; one university has the ideal record when it comes to predicting presidential outcomes.

WIU (Western Illinois University) has exactly prognosticated every president since 1975 and this university some ideas about Next President of USA. As per the mock election of university, the 45th president of USA (united State of America) will be Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat in 2016. WIU University also guess that former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will be the vice president of Sander.

So how did the university achieve its conclusion about Sanders? Whereas Sander’s major enemy in the Democratic filed, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton Democratic Filed is leading in many polls. Sanders handle small donors at an unprecedented pace to raise support. The senators have supporters from a variety of demographics, explains Liberal America that builds Sanders a vastly electable candidate. And a current Quinnipiac poll establishes that Sanders is polling better than all other GOP’s 2016 presidential candidates, counting Donald Trump.

In the mock presidential election of Western Illinois University (WIU), Sanders gets more than 400 Electoral College votes. A Proposed Jeb Bush/Marco Rubio ticket, meanwhile is getting only 114 Electoral College votes in the mock election. As per the popular vote in mock election of WIU, Sanders beat Clinton in 22 out of 26 primary states.

Thousands of students at the university replicated the election process, including Iowa Caucuses, state primaries, nominating conventions, and the Electoral College vote, from 20th October to 2nd November, to determine the results.

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