Simple Breath Test Could Detect Stomach Cancer

Simple Breath Test Could Detect Stomach Cancer

British researchers have developed a Simple Breath Test Could Detect Stomach Cancer in minutes with 90 percent accuracy. Stomach Cancer is also known as gastric cancer. It is a relatively uncommon cancer that affects about 7,300 people every year in the UK.

A new technology that analyzes & interprets patients “breath prints” unique patterns of molecules persons breathe in and out and reflect conditions in the body is not only being tested to diagnose stomach cancer, but also monitor patients at high risk for developing the illness. The study published in the BMJ journal Gut, evaluated the new technology is called Nanoarray analysis.

Researchers recommend that gastric cancer usually develops in well defined ways but, there are currently no effective steps to find the progression of the diseases. Also, no non-invasive screening techniques for the detection of Stomach Cancer exist.

The benefits of Breath Test is based on its rapid productiveness, non-invasiveness, low cost and ease of use according to researchers and expert.

How to Detect Stomach Cancer with a Simple Breath Test:-

Simple Breath Test Could Detect Stomach Cancer

Researchers have developed a Simple Breath Test to Detects Stomach Cancer Using Nanoarray Analysis. The research involved 484 individuals recruited from the University Hospital in Latvia, all of whom had known diagnostic status. This included 99 who had been diagnosed with Stomach Cancer but had not received any treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

The study participants had fasted for twelve hours prior to giving the breath samples. Two breath samples were collected from each person, which were analysed using two methods. The 1st method was GCMS (Gas Chromatography-mass spectrometry) that quantifies the type of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in each individual. The 2nd method was a Nanoarray sensor method, which aimed to look at the patterns of VOCs in the exhaled method, rather than quantity specific VOCs.

Using the 1st chemical analysis method (GCMS), the researchers found that of 130 instable organic compounds in the exhaled breath of individuals. The levels of 8 differed significantly when samples from the Stomach Cancer group were compared with those from the group with pre cancerous changes.

The term found that the Nanoarray technology was accurately able to distinguish between breath point compositions in participants with Stomach Cancer and those at low & high risk of developing the diseases.

Stomach Cancer is not common but normally it is confused with other gastric problems. This disease is left undetected till late stages where survival factor of the patient is reduced. Breath test may diagnose Stomach Cancer at early stages.

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