200 year old Mongolian monk mummy still alive

Shocking! 200 year old Mongolian monk mummy still alive!

So many people are truly shocked to see a real life mummy of a monk located in Mongolia. In earliest times the Egyptians used to care for the dead in a specific way, called Mummified. Here is a wonderful story about Mongolian Monk Mummy which was found after 200 years, and is still alive! It was preserved in the animal skin and was not dead rather it was just about to become a real life Buddha being one period away. One of the expert proved that this monk mummy is in a very special religious state which is Tukdam.

This monk mummy was found in a lotus location, whose left hand was open and the right hand was symbolize the location of preaching Sutra, according to the professor from Mongolian institute of Buddhist art. This thing indicates that there were 40 such cases happened in India before. A famous Buddhist monk and a physician, Dr Barry Kerzin said that he had been taking care of such mediators who were also in a Tukdam state.

200 year old Mongolian monk mummy still alive!


This is uncommon if the person remains in this state for more than a few weeks but if he does then the body start to shirk slowly and after a while, nothing is left other than the hair, nails & clothes .when the people who live close to the monk see a glowing rainbow in the sky this means he has found a rain bow body and this is called Buddha highest state.

Dr Barry also include that if the mediator would have constant this meditative state he would have become a Buddha .the mediator will also be able to help other and for this ,there will be a deep sense of joy among people .

Monk mummy was found in the songinokhair khan province of Mongolia on 27 January and it was covered in cattle skin. The police investigated about this monk and found that it was stolen. The police quickly arrested 45 years old man enter who got this monk from some cave and hid it in his home ,he Mongolia article 18 ; every smuggling item are punishing with either the fine of 3 million roubles or 12 years in prison . The Mongolian monk mummy is secured now at Ulaanbaatar in the national center of forensic expertise.

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