Offline Google map Navigation in IOS

Offline Google map Navigation in IOS

Recently Google had updated Google Map application with some latest features for IOS. This new future is “Google Maps for IOS include offline navigation”. Google support Offline Google map Navigation in IOS and also update some new facility such as view gas prices. Everyone can download latest version directly from the “App Store of Apple”.

With the Offline Google map Navigation in IOS user will be able to get improved offline maps support and can also they download the region on the map for the offline use. It permit user to navigate with the help of GPS and another local services which does not required Internet connection. Google told VentureBeat in an email which offline maps have started rolling out to Google map user on IOS, which means that user will soon able to download an area of world to their phone and from the next time there is not connectivity, But Offline Google map Navigation in IOS will continue to work, when it is on country road or underground parking.

Offline Google map Navigation in IOS

Whenever your phone comes in any Good network, this app will automatically go online and provide the map features like update of live traffic. Previous Google map gives only to view section of maps offline. But first time Google provide the feature such as turn by turn navigation and giving information about places, contact information, business information and rating. If your connection gets spotty, this app will seamlessly transition between online and offline modes.

Click here to know how to download and use Offline Navigation of Google Map in IOS.

The feature of Offline Google map Navigation in IOS was first tested during I/O developer of Google conference in May and rolled out to Android users and now Google map for IOS gets Offline navigation. A spokesperson of Google had committed to Mashable the new app update Offline Navigation of Google map in IOS.

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