How your Car is becoming the Next Hot Tech Gadget

How your Car is becoming the Next Hot Tech Gadget

How your Car is becoming the Next Hot Tech Gadget:Samsung is one of the great and reputed company in the world. Samsung provide you good electronic item, new gadgets, Smart phone, Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Charger, Camera and good technology which help us to live good and healthy life.

In the past some years, carmakers and technology companies have been heralding and prototyping connected car innovations that would help make transportation by automobile safer, and also providing an efficacy and media rich experience. But now, those visions are becoming reality as device & Systems that can attach cars to the Internet, Keep drivers side by side of performance and maintenance issues and improve experience of the transportation.

The newsletter added, if the important Flash and sizzle of smart cars at the buyer Electronic Show in 2015 is any indication, this space is about the flush with activity as automakers like Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Hyundai and more work with emerging ecosystem of hardware, software and also great service providers to meet growing consumer expectations for their driving experience.Here we provide the some information regarding Samsung Business Voice: How your Car is becoming the Next Hot Tech Gadget which is given as below.

How your Car is becoming the Next Hot Tech Gadget: Future Features

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2020, 70% to 80% of all new vehicles in the US (United States) will offer linked car functionality.

The clunky systems that in the past some years have cluttered dashboard consoles with confusing rows of buttons and knobs will disappear. Telecommunications and Technology companies are partnering with automobile manufacturers to design easy to use systems that will interface with motorists, smart watches, tablets, Smartphone to create intuitive, immersive environment for drivers and passengers.

At the consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas this past January,  one of the most talked about innovations was the edge between the Samsung galaxy gear smart watch with the BMW iRemote App installed and the operation of the BMW i3 all electronic car. Using the smart watch, BMW and Samsung demonstrated features that integrated the in vehicle infotainment system and also one of the next generation sensor technology.

A person wearing the Samsung device could get information at a quick look and issue a multitude of commands to the vehicle. Features include, remotely monitoring the car’s battery charge and available range and the windows, doors and sunroof are closed and locked.

How your Car is becoming the Next Hot Tech Gadget : Safety and Security

Security for such systems may be a concern. It was recently reported that a 14 year old hacker competing in a cyber security contest stunned automakers by using $15 of electronics gear purchased from RadioShack to build a device overnight that remotely opened a car’s door and started car engine and played music from his mobile phone over its audio system.

Even with those concerns, the potential benefits from these systems are speeding progress of technologies that will put most aspects of driving and daily life at people’s fingerprint inside their cars, as demonstrated in a Smart Driving video which produced by Samsung.

Ensuring the safe use of in car device is also spurring research & development into in vehicle cameras, voice activated apps and heads up displays that project driving, navigation and other information.

While factory installation of such systems will be rolling out over the next past few years, device are already available that can be plugged into a car’s OBD outlet to communicate operational data via Bluetooth to the user’s Smartphone.

How your Car is becoming the Next Hot Tech Gadget: New Revenue Sources

All the potential for new products, services and subscriptions linked with connected cars is driving millions of dollars of research and prompting speculation of mergers and acquisitions between automakers and the top technology corporations.

A study by Strategy and the Center of automotive management estimates that global sales of connected car products between 2015 to 2020 will increase nearly fourfold, adding $149 billion in revenues to the passenger car market.

As is always the case, investment & development are flowing into the connected car segment because consumers are demanding that mobile technology be available wherever they go.

About 39% of the 44% of consumers who plan to purchase a new car within the next 2 years say they’re very likely to purchase a connected car.

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