Amazon Unveils Their New Drone Delivery System

Amazon Unveils Their New Drone Delivery System

Amazon is one of the largest and no.1 E-Commerce site in the World. Which provide you many different things with many different categories just like electronic item, food supplement, gold, watch, cloths and many more?

Amazon come with new surprise for their customer and its new delivery idea which is all things are delivering or transport by Drone. Amazon revealed the latest model of drones it will deploy as part of its Prime Air facility using the unmanned aerial devices to deliver packages in under half hour.

Amazon Unveils Their New Drone Delivery Systema

According to information released Sunday by the online retailing giant, Amazon says the drones 55 pounds and its can hold packages up to 5 pounds. The drones fly under 400 feet and use “Sense and avoid” technology to move possible obstacles en route to its delivers destinations.

We are testing many different vehicle designs & delivery mechanisms to find out how best to deliver packages in a variety of environments, reads a report from Amazon. We have more than a dozen prototypes that we’ve developed in our investigate & development labs. The look and characteristics of the vehicles will evolve over time.

So here a video released by Amazon shows the Drone Delivery System scanning an area near the delivery address to find a landing spot, followed by a hatch opening from the base to drop the package. You can get your package delivery in to just 30 minutes.

Amazon says they are testing drons in many international locations. The company says the service will launch once the company has the regulatory support needed to safely understand our vision.

In March, the Federal Aviation Administration granted Amazon approval to fly drones for research in to the prime Air Service after 1st revealing plans to work with drons for deliveries 2 years ago. Other companies are also exploring drons as a new system of package delivery. Earlier this month, Walmart sought permission from the FAA to start drone testing, while Google reportedly revealed during air traffic manage convention in Washington, D.C., that it wants to launch a Drone Delivery System in 2017.

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