16 Relationship Resolutions for this Year

16 Relationship Resolutions for this Year

This year is going to end and we are trying our best to prepare for the New Year. In our heads, we all have our to do and not to do lists, whether we accept it or not some of us want to gain weight, while some of us want to lose weight. Someone wants to how to drive car, someone plan to travel by metro. But in to all this common ones are the relationship goals. We need 2016 to work for our love, for us, personal lives and professional lives. So, here we mentioned 16 Relationship Resolutions We Should All Make This Year inside our article.

16 Relationship Resolutions We Should All Make This Year:

  • Listening patiently to that friend who lends you his ear every time you want to whine.
  • Stop taking that friend who showed up at 2am to help you, for granted.
  • Be nice to that colleague who accompanied you to the washroom when you wanted to throw up.
  • Get in touch with that friend from another city who has called you several times.
  • Have a one night stand, without expecting a call the next day.
  • Delete that friend who is always sharing negative posts from Facebook.
  • Give closure to the friend who fell in love with you.
  • Take a pledge to never talk to that toxic ex.
  • Finishes that lunch box that mom cooks and packs early in the morning.
  • On a date, focus on the person in front of you instead of reading stuff on your Smartphone.
  • Replay to texts without reading between the lines, and without waiting for a replay.
  • Help your folks deal with technological problems without mocking them.
  • Fight a little less with siblings and love a little more.
  • Listen to that office advice your father is giving you. His hair is grey-that’s proof enough of the experience he has.
  • Call grandma more often. You did spend most of your summer vacations at her place.
  • Get out of that relationship if you cry more than you laugh.

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