Top 10 Foods High in Iron

Top 10 Foods High in Iron

Iron is an essential mineral that is vital for functioning for proper functioning of the human body. Iron is one of the main components of haemoglobin and is essential for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Low iron levels can cause iron deficiency anemia which shows itself in numerous ways such as lethargy, low energy, peeling nails and skins. So, if you have a low blood count, here is the Top 10 Foods High in Iron that you should include in your diet. Other Symptoms of Iron Deficiency include fatigue & weakness, low blood pressure, abdominal pain, headache and breathing problem. So here we provide the information about Top 10 Iron Rich Foods.

Top 10 Foods High in Iron:-



Soybeans are best Foods Highest in Iron. It is packed with protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, zinc and iron. One half cup of soybeans contains over 4 mg of iron, which helps maintain our blood vessels and immune systems strong, and manganese, an essential nutrient involved in various chemical processes in the body.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are tasty and are packed with nutrients. One cup of whole pumpkin seeds contains over 2 milligram, while a cup of the kernels alone packs in a whopping 10 mg, making them an easy way to add an iron increase to variety of dishes. Pumpkin seeds are Best Foods for Iron.



A half cup of serving of beans can give around 10 percent of your every day iron need. Beans like black beans, white kidneys, black eyed pea, pinto beans & chickpeas are excellent Iron Rich Foods. One cup of black eyed peas provides up to a quarter of your every day iron need.



Clams are one of the Top 10 Foods High in Iron. Three ounces of clam give a whopping 23.8 mg of iron. Clam is also an excellent source of potassium & vitamin B12.



Lentils are nutritious & delicious and half cup of lentils provides 3 mg of iron. It contains insoluble fiber that aids to hunger pangs at bay. Lentils are also excellent source of vitamin B6, amino acids and magnesium.



Quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and barley are excellent natural sources of iron. Quinoa contains 3.2 mg of iron & twice as much fiber as most grains. Grains are best served with vegetables rich in vitamin C to improve the iron level in the body.



Another Top 10 Foods High in Iron is meat. It is the most recommended food source for improving haemoglobin level in the body. Chicken, Beef, pork, and lamb are some great meat sources of iron. An ounce of lean sirloin contains 2.9 milligram of iron.



Consumption a serving of broccoli daily is a great way to get more iron into your diet.100 grams of broccoli contain 2.7 milligram of iron. Broccoli is a good source of fiber which relieves digestion.



Spinach is another Top 10 Foods High in Iron. Both raw & cooked spinach are good sources of iron, though cooking spinach facilitates your body absorbs its nutrients more easily. A one cup of cooked spinach offers more than 6 mg of iron as well as vitamins A, E, fiber, protein and calcium.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one way to indulge your every day iron needs. Three ounces of dark chocolate (approx. Small bar) contains about 7 milligram of iron. Dark Chocolate is also known to lower blood pressure & high cholesterol.

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