The World Most Powerful People 2015

The World Most Powerful in People 2015

The World Most Powerful People:- In this year 2015 these are powerful people in the world who have the capability for shear the world. These persons have got the ability of moving military policy, international, national and economic policies of the world. The control that these people have can be either economic, military or their combination. There are about 7.2 billion people live in this world but these 10 people have got the ability of influence the sum total world and also the people.

Top ten most powerful people in the world

People from all sort of background whether it be a political leader, philanthropist ,head of state , head of financial ,businessmen in this list . So let’s have looked at this year 10 most powerful persons in the world / The World Most Powerful People.

List most powerful persons in the world 2015

  1. Larry PageLarry Page

Larry Page is the person who is the co-founder of the Google next to with the personality Sergey Bran. He was working on the theory he met Brin and they jointly founded Google. Google is the most well-liked search engine in the whole world. larry page is our list number 10 The World Most Powerful People .

  1. Narendra ModiNarendra Modi

Narendra modi is our list 9th most powerful people in the world in 2015 .India popular list PM preside over 7.4% GDP increase in his first year in office and raise his profile as a worldwide leader for the period of official visits with Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. Modi have to pass his party’s improvement schedule and keep complaining opposition under control.

  1. David CameronDavid Cameron

David Cameron currently the prime minister of United Kingdom. Just few decade ago which colonized almost half of the world .united kingdom has the 8th main economy in the world. He is our list 8th The World Most Powerful People in 2015 .

  1. Jannet YellenJannet Yellen

She is the woman who has got the control of the union that maintain the world most steady and second-hand money that is US dollars. Decision complete by her can have an effect on constancy of this currency.

  1. Bill gatesBill gates

Bill gate is the man who is along with the founders of Microsoft is 6th in our list. He acted as the chairperson and CEO of Microsoft. He is the one who has become philanthropist and has got asset of about 84 billion in his hands. His foundation is also working for decreasing infant mortality and also birth control in Africa.

  1. Xi JinpingXi Jinping

Xi Jinping is the person who has the role of universal Secretary of the communist party. He rules China .This country has got power more than the entire world both cost-effectively and also with industry. Xi Jinping is our list number 5 The World Most Powerful People .

  1. Pope FrancisPope Francis

Pope francis our list 4th The World Most Powerful People in 2015. Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is the present pole of the Roman Catholic Church has better power and power on the people. He is the one who act as head of Vatican City. He has openly out his view on a lot of of the contentious problems existed in the world.

      3 .Barack ObamaBarack Obama

Barack Obama is the president of the (USA) United States. He is the 44th president of the country. Barack Obama is the ability of influence global relationships as well as affairs.

  1. Angela MerkelAngela Merkel

Angela Merkel is woman who is The World Most Powerful People in 2015. Angela Merkel is having the post of chancellor of the Germany and also the leader of the European council. Angela Merkel is the individual who decide things on the power age group and also in reforming healthcare and Education. Angela Merkel is the one with the accountability of the funds of the intact EU.

  1. Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is the list 1st   The World Most Powerful People in 2015 V Putin is the president of Russia. Putin is the most powerful man in the world. He has got the ability of influence lot of the people. Russia appears more and more like a power-rich, nuclear-tipped rascal state with an irrefutable, strange and unpredictable head free by world opinion next its targets.

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