Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is frequently used to treat cancer patients. Chemotherapy is process whereby certain drugs are used to kill the rapidly growing cancer cells in the human body. But they also can harm completely healthy cells, causing side effects throughout the body. The Side Effects of Chemotherapy are numerous and they affect a patient based on his common health and condition of the ailment. There are numerous different chemotherapy drugs with the potential for lots of different side effects. This effect varies from individual to individual and from treatment to treatment.

Cancer cells divide more rapidly than healthy cells, and chemotherapy drugs effectively target those cells. Unfortunately, fast growing cells that are healthy can be damaged too. The factors that play a role in side effects include lifestyle, age, other ongoing treatments and previous health issues. So here we provide the information about Chemotherapy Side Effects.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy:-

Digestive Problems:

Digestive Problems

The most common Side Effects of Chemotherapy involves the digestive problems. Diarrhea is frequent as the intestinal linings in the body are affected by the drugs & chemicals. Some chemotherapy causes watery bowel movements.



Feeling extremely tired is a general Chemo Side Effects. The fatigue may also be caused by low red blood cell count in the human body. Try to rest after a chemo care as you might feel fatigued all the while after chemotherapy.

Hair Loss:

Hair Loss

Hair loss is the most visible Side Effects of Chemotherapy  Drugs. Several chemotherapy drugs do cause hair loss but not all. Hair loss generally starts after the first a few weeks of chemotherapy. While this hair loss does not cause any damage, it can be mentally stressful, particularly for women. Hair loss affects the scalp, but the other body parts may also be affected by the chemotherapy.

Nausea and Vomiting:

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting is most common Side Effects of Chemo Treatment. If you are having nausea & vomiting problems then talk to doctor as there are several anti nausea drugs available. Anti-emetic medications are usually used by doctors to help those manage with these side effects. However, usual usage of anti-emetic medications may lead to onset of some other side effects like constipation and sleeping problems.

Mouth and Throat Sores:

Mouth and Throat Sores

Chemotherapy may damage the cells inside the throat and mouth. This causes painful sores in these areas, a condition called mucositis. Mouth sores typically happen 5-14 days after a therapy. The throat sores can obtain infected. Intake a healthy diet & keeping your mouth as well as teeth clean can lower your risk of mouth sores.

Blood Clotting Issues:

Blood Clotting Issues

Usage of chemotherapy can decrease blood platelet count in a person by affecting the bone marrow. This may lead to bleeding gums, bruising & serious blood loss.

Skin and Nails:

Skin and Nails

Chemo treatment affects the cells in the body and it also leaves its impact on the skin surface and nails to an extent. People undergoing this therapy can suffer from dry skin & brittle nails.

Appetite loss:

Appetite loss

The most common Side Effects of Chemotherapy is loss of appetite. If you have lacks of appetite after the chemotherapy try not to abandon all food. Consume what you like and keep a balanced diet even if in small extent. This is very vital after a chemo treatment because your body wants to recover fast.

Nervous Systems:

Nervous Systems

The central nervous system controls thought patterns, coordination and controls emotions. Chemotherapy drugs can cause problems with memory or make it difficult to concentrate clearly.

Kidney Problems:

Kidney Problems

Chemotherapy may also affect the functioning of the kidneys to an extent. Urine may smell strong or have a reddish shade. Sufficient fluid eating & medications may help deal with urinary problems in the recipients.

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