Movies that Every Women See Before 30

Movies that Every Women See Before 30

We all love to watch the Movie. Many types of movies are there. Some movies are on woman, some are on family, some movies are thriller, horror or some are comedy movie. Some movies are too good to see again and again. So are to worst to watch. Some movies give us to some message or lesson which is very useful in our life. Here we provide the information about the movies which must see all the woman before she turn 30.So below we discuss the Movies that Every Women See Before 30.

Movies that Every Women See Before 30:

Fried Green Tomatoes:

Fried Green Tomatoes movie is a vague on the nature of Ruth and Idgie’s relationships than the novel. It is still an achievement of female closeness over a harsh heterosexual relationship. It is guaranteed to make you desire some Southern food.

Now And Then:

Now And Then Movies that Every Women See Before 30 is on the woman. When we turn to 30 generally our life is completely change. When we reach at 30 we have different choice can guide to us to lose touch with old confidence. In this shows the friendship of woman from childhood and proves that lifelong friendships should be magical.

The Color Purple:

The Color Purple is Movies that Every Women See Before 30 is a difficult movie to watch. But Celie Harris’s story modified from Alice Walker novel is blazing and finally inspiring. This movie is showing the problems of African American women faced during the early 1900s.

When Harry Met Sally:

When Harry Met Sally is show the male/female friendship. We know that not all the male/female friendship is complex but some of the friendships are also more complex then other. And it is likely that they hurt each other extremely and still rebound back. This movie shows the friendship of two people who met just before sharing a cross country drive and their friendship is turns into relationship.

Imagine Me and You:

Imagine Me and You is show the relationship between two women. During the wedding ceremony, Rachel see Luce in the audience and feels immediately drawn to her. The 2 women became a very good close friend and Rachel know that Luce is a lesbian. She realizes that despite her happy marriage to heck, she is falling for Luce.This is very good movie about the fudging expectations and loving who you love.

Thelma and Louise:

Thelma and Louise is also very good Movies that Every Women See Before 30.In this movie two friends go for a short fishing trip than let patriarchy win.

A League of Their Own:

This is Geena Davis flick, because she is awesome and a certified feminist media advocate. Women literally steps up to the plate when the boys ate off to fight in this WWII-era comedy, and the movie explores women friendship, jealousy and goal in a thorough and funny way.

Obvious Child:

Obvious Child is an immature, newly jobless comic must steer the misty waters of adulthood after her filing with a graduate student result in an unexpected pregnancy.

Love and Basketball:

Love and Basketball is on two childhood friend whose aim is to be professional basketball player. Over years they begin to fall for each other but their break up paths to basketball glory threaten to pull them apart.

Working Girl:

Working Girl is movie in which Melanie Griffiths stars as a secretary who takes advantages of her boss’s absence to prove that she’s got the ideas, work ethic and wiles to earn the biggest office in the place.

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