Vitamin K health Benefits

Vitamin K health Benefits

Vitamin K is very important for the blood coagulation (clotting) that stop excessive bleeding. So here we provide the Vitamin K health Benefits. Vitamin K is also useful for the body to absorb calcium and it the reason of important aspect of bone health. People who have lack of vitamin K they eat Vitamin K Foods. Vitamin K gives a total balance of 80 nutrients which are very important for healthy body. Vitamin K consist minerals, neuronutrients, amino acid, antioxidant, carotenoids, herbal extracts, enzymes, bioflavonoids and different elements. Below we provide the Advantage of vitamin K or you can say Vitamin K health Benefits.

As per the study Deficiency of vitamin K can cause the following things.

  • Defective blood clotting
  • Increase bleeding
  • Osteoporosis
  • Blooding in urine

Below are the list Top 10 health benefits of vitamin K .


Decreasing Bone density is main symptoms of Osteoporosis. Generally osteoporosis is occurring after age of 50. Vitamin K is very important for better bone density. You can eat a green leafy vegetable and also can drink milk. that’s way Osteoporosis is also come in Vitamin K health Benefits.

Blood ClottingBlood Clotting

Blood clotting include a set of molecules that are frequently circulating through the bloodstream. Vitamin K regulates blood clotting because of amalgamation of prothrombium. Vitamin K helps to regulate blood clotting through moving calcium to body.

Good for BrainGood for Brain

Vitamin is vital for synthesis of Sphingolipids, which useful for myelin sheath (outer packaging around the nerve). Sphingolipids (Crucial fat) are important for proper brain and nervous system process.

Menstrual painMenstrual pain

Vitamin K is beneficial for the proper functioning of hormones at the perfect time for regular periods and it will decrease menstrual pain. This is one the great reason to intake Vitamin K.

Pregnant womenPregnant women

Due to deficiency of Vitamin K pregnant women may suffer from nausea and vomiting. Vitamin K provides relief within 72 hours and also avoid mild forms those sings in future.

Hemorrhaning in babiesHemorrhaning in babies

Vitamin K is injected into newborns to avoid haemorrhaging. Vitamin K is also important for asthmatic kids. It can be care for by nonstop intake of oral drops of this vitamin. It is also a good Vitamin K health Benefits.

Internal bleedingInternal bleeding

Vitamin K is beneficial to decrease the threat of bleeding in the liver, jaundice or long term antibiotic use, poor nutrient absorption. Due to deficiency of vitamin K may create some problem related to gastrointestinal system.

Oxidative StressOxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is related to several chronic conditions such as arthritis, autoimmune problem, cancer and aging. Vitamin K1 and K2 will defence cells from oxidative stress. Reduce oxidative stress is also the Vitamin K health Benefits.

Heart problemHeart problem

Hardening of the arteries causes arteries to lose their normal elasticity and create high blood pressure and heart failure. Researcher suggests that Vitamin K prevent from arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries through maintain calcium out of arterial lining.

Healthy Immune systemHealthy Immune system

Foods with high vitamin K such as Young, Coconut kefir, coco-biotic, milk etc are very beneficial for human health. Those foods help you to raising the content of vitamin K and also defence from digestive and immune system.

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