Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content
Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content

Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content

Water makes up about 60 percent of our body weight. It plays various crucial roles in the body, from the detoxification of organs to the absorption of nutrients. Because our body requires water to function properly, the lack of water may lead to dehydration as well as if severe, can be possibly life threatening. Here we provide the information about Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content. Intake water is not the only way to stay you hydrated. This is because about 20 percent of the everyday water drinking is obtained from the solid foods that we consume particularly fruits & vegetables.

Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content:-



All berries are excellent for hydration, but strawberries are the greatest with 92 % water content. It also contains fiber, vitamin C, folic acid & potassium. Consume a handful of this sweet & tart flavoured berry daily as a snack.



Watermelon is one of the Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content. Watermelons have 92 percent water content. It contains important rehydration salts like magnesium, calcium, potassium & sodium. It keeps hydrated thus decreasing the chances of dehydration. You can consume watermelon as it is, or add it to your fruit salads & smoothies.



It is also known as muskmelon or mush melon, is another high water content fruit with 90 % water. Cantaloupe contains essential nutrients and helps reduce the risk of obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. Delicious smoothies, cantaloupe juice are a perfect refreshing drink in summer.

Grape Fruit:

Grape Fruit

This juicy and tangy fruit has 91 percent water content. It also contains vital electrolytes that facilitate prevent dehydration. Regular intake of grapefruit can lower your insulin level, protect against the common cold, make your skin beautiful and help in weight loss. Grape Fruit is Top 10 Fruits with High Water Content.



Pineapple is another Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content. Pineapple has 87% water content. This juicy and fleshy fruit helps stay your body hydrated & cleanses your body to get rid of harmful toxins. You can use pineapple in the fruit salads, soups and juice.



Oranges has 87% water content. They are low in calories but full of nutrients as well as potassium, calcium, manganese and magnesium. This tasty fruit with a tangy flavor & uplifting smell can prevent dehydration & help overall health. Consume one to two orange or a glass of oranges juice every day.



Peaches are also another Top 10 Fruits with Highest Water Content. It also contains approximately 88 % water content, making them a best solution to beat dehydration. You can mix-up ripe peaches into your glass of lemonade, iced tea or water to make refreshing swallow.



Plum is also best option to include in your diet if you have problems related to dehydration. It contains about 85% water content. Plums are also good source of potassium, vital electrolyte that stays the body hydrated.



Apples also contain approximately 84 % water content. Apples will also give natural sugars, vitamins and minerals. This fruit improves digestion, promotes heart health, makes skin healthy and also improves the immune system.



Apricots are also another Top 10 High Water Fruits. It contains about 86% water. Apricots also contain electrolytes such as potassium & sodium that help keep a stable fluid level in the body. This is important to prevent dehydration.

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