Sandalwood or Chandan benefits for skin

Sandalwood or Chandan benefits for skin

Today we talk about the Sandalwood or Chandan benefits for skin. Chandan or sandalwood is an extraordinary type of aromatic wood which is get from the tree Santalum album.  Sandalwood is very famous for its aroma and beautiful medical properties. Not only a sandalwood, but oil sandalwood is also calming and harmonizing. It is also used as meditation and rituals. There is so many Benefits of Sandalwood for beauty. Many of us are facing problem such as pimples, dark spots, smuts, after marks and dark circle, they all can use sandalwood.

As per the Hindu tradition, Goddess Parvati created lord Ganesha by scrubbed her skin with sandal paste, scrapped off the dead skim. Then mix clay and it and makes lord Ganesha. You can read a below information to read Sandalwood or Chandan benefits for skin.

Below is the list of Sandalwood benefits for skin

Sandalwood or Chandan benefits for skin

Property of Anti-tanning

 Paste of sandalwood is the best remedies for clear skin. You can use it to sooth harsh sunburn and clear skin tanning. Oil of sandalwood naturally clean complexion of skin and give a healthy glow to skin.

Property of Anti-aging

Sandalwood’s toning effect is very useful in shrinking skin pores which gives an even texture and prevent sagging and aging problem of skin. It makes tighter the drooping skin cells in order to provide a supple and youthful look to skin.

Soft skin

Sandalwood or Chandan benefits for skin

It is one of the most effective Benefits of sandalwood. It gives baby soft skin. Oil of sandalwood can use with other natural oils or use sandalwood oil to massage into skin to get good result.

Pimple and acne Treatment

Sandalwood has powerful antibacterial properties and work great to fighting the bacteria and fungi. Sandalwood stops the breakout of pimple and acne.

Relief from itch

Infection and skin itch can be decrease within 30 minutes of apply sandalwood on skin. Sandalwood is also useful in subsiding inflammation, skin redness and skin sore.

Prickly heat

Sandalwood or Chandan benefits for skin

Too much heat and sweating at the time of summer season frequently result in itchy and tender prickly heat. Sandalwood has cooling astringent property which is useful in cooling the skin and reduces prickly heat naturally.

Clear complexion

People become unappealing and unattractive due to dark and dull complexion. Current sandalwood applications mix up with other natural ingredients clear skin naturally without any side-effect.

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