Today We all love  music  and might be heard  about some of very world famous deejay like David Guetta, Calvin harries ,Hard Well, Martin Garrix  etc, but  we  don’t know  story  about Indian deejay  Nural Hassan who is well known deejay from south India  playing house and electro  Bollywood  music with one hand his very own style,

The 24-year-old  is a professional  DJ ,producer and DJ trainer  has  been  started  his career  in February 2008, he  also worked as  event manager for three years  and  done his  DJ schooling from ENTERTAINMENT FACTORY  and famous for his very own style  house and Electro Bollywood  music ,dj hassanLast few years  Dj Hassan has played his music National city like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Hyderabad, Mysore, Bhopal, Indore, Chandigarh and  many more place  and he played international gigs at  Dubai, Doha, Sri Lanka and Macau, DJ hassan specialize playing for music  Bollywood, Punjabi and EDM ( Electro Dance Music ),

Idj hassan & sarat’s been eventful journey for the  middle class boy, whose family used to own a linen fabric shop in 2006,he got  a support from  family and wife Sara ,to whom he has been married for over two years, she supported him a lot and accompanies him to most of his gig’s,

In 2011 while DJ Hassan returning from the gym he made an accident near Mekhri  circle, Bangalore, his bike  slipped and he rammed in to divider there tow of nerves in his right hand were injured , after this serious  accident his right hand was paralyzed,

After from recovery from injury   couple of month latter few of his good friends from industry who knows his talents before helped him by  giving small gigs to play ,

dj hassan Hassan was approached by D J SASH to fill a slot in Sutra ,this one is the first big break he got almost  year after  the accident,

As we all know now DJing is not  easy, playing with one hand required lots of effort, he is not using a laptop, ”i always play my set on live machines and being a right handed  getting accustomed to using my left hand for daily activities but I had no choice, i have to adopt “ Hassan says..

dj hassanAll People loved  DJ Hassan   music and respect his talent  to play one hand, but still many of them don’t know who’s  listening him and cheer after party that he is the deejays with just one hand, he also awarded  Cambridge college as a best DJ in Bangalore 2014,now a days people in Bangalore crazy about his music,

DJ Hassan’s upcoming music album Electro city volume 6. will be publish world wide in November 2015.

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