How to speed up and fix battery life problems in ios 9
How to speed up and fix battery life problems in ios 9

How to speed up and fix battery life problems in ios 9

Apple latest ios 9 platforms is previously running on an impressive number of ios devices. Wherever users their iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to major firmware update the most important thing that they focus the most on is perfuming all the latest futures and enhancements. There are a number of the changes that we advise doing to have a improved experience with your iPad and iPhone running ios 9. So here we describe the some information about How to speed up and fix battery life problems in ios 9.

Disable background app Refresh

Background app refresh is a helpful future. It useful apps is refresh themselves constantly for latest information and Zxcsenf warning to users. Turn off would absolutely give your iPad and phone a boost in perforations and save some battery life.ios 9 Enable reduce motion

  1. Firstly Go to settings > general > background app refresh.
  2. Enable by default: simply button it off.

Of path the weakness of turning off Background App Refresh would be that users will have to yourself launch individual apps and restock them for the newest update.

Enable reduce motion

ios 9 :- Enable reduce motion will disable these of no use visual effects and reduce the motion of user interface, parallax effect of symbol.Enable reduce motion

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Scroll toward the centre and locate Reduce Motion. Also button it on.

Stop pushing email

Now like Background App Refresh, press on Email is also another well-known reason for reduced battery life.

  1. Go to setting app > mail contacts calendar > fetch new data.
  2. Select between each fifteen minutes, each thirty minutes and also manually.Stop Pushing Email

Disable apps store Automatic Downloads

  1. Find the way to setting > app and then also iTunes stores.

2 buttons the updated setting to off below automatic downloads.Disable App Store’s Automatic Downloads

You can still have these new futures on not as the device is use mobile data. If you also don’t want auto download to use any your 2G/3G/4G then turn off use cellular data which is also on the same page .

Turn on low power mode

Turn low power mode is relapse latest feature by apple. This service helps new use to protect their device battery intensive feature in ios 9 automatically.Turn on Low Power Mode

Another way low power mode is activated the subsequent features will disabled:-

  • mail fetching
  • automatic downloads
  • visual effects such as motion and increase contrast
  • background app refresh

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