Health Benefits of Strawberries
Health Benefits of Strawberries

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberry is called the queen of fruits for its sweet, unique taste, tart and its versatility. Strawberry fruit is one of the most beautiful as well as delicate fruit that has various health benefits. Strawberries contain high quantity of nutrients that are necessary for human body. The Health Benefits of Strawberries include relief from high blood pressure, improved eye care, gout, arthritis and various heart diseases. Strawberries are widely used in food including in jams, ice creams, jellies, confections, chocolates, syrups and even in medicines for their extremely rich flavor, color and taste. So here we provide the information about Strawberries Health Benefits.

Health Benefits of Strawberries:

Strawberries for the Eye Health:

Strawberries for the Eye Health

The main reasons for almost all problems connected to the eyes are free radicals or a deficiency of certain nutrients. With increased age & a lack of these protective nutrients, the harmful oxidants or free radicals can cause heavy damage on our eyes like degeneration of the optical nerves, macular degeneration and vision defects. Antioxidants like elagic acid, flavonoid & Phenolic phytochemicals, all of which are present in strawberries, may help to avoid these conditions to a large extent.

Boosts Immunity:

Boosts Immunity

Strawberry is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a  improve for the immune system and has long been known as a useful treat for common colds & coughs, along with its impact on any other infections also. This is one of the best Health Benefits of Strawberries.



The Healthy Reasons to Eat Strawberries is that it helps to improve your memory. In strawberries there is a flavonoid known as fistein that improves your memory. According to study, by consumption two or more strawberries in a week, you can boost your memory.

Strawberries for Heart Disease:

Strawberries for Heart Disease

High fiber content, no fats, folate, and high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin C and those phytochemical form an ideal cardiac health pack, because they effectively decrease cholesterol in the arteries & vessels. Some members of the vitamin B family present in strawberries also support the cardiac muscles & lead to improved functioning of the heart.

Prevent Cancer:

Prevent Cancer

Another Health Benefits of Strawberries is prevents cancer. Vitamin C, quercetin, anthocyanin, folate & kaempferol are jalso ust a few of the various flavonoids in strawberries that have good antioxidant & anticarcinogenic properties. Together, they form an excellent line of defense to prevent  cancer & also tumor growth.

Arthritis and Gout:

Arthritis and Gout

The degeneration of muscles & tissues, the drying up of the fluid that facilitates increase mobility of the joints, and the growth of toxic substances and acids in the body are also some of the ill effects of free radicals. These are the main causes of arthritis & also gout, two very irritating & incapacitating conditions.

Promote Bone Health:

Promote Bone Health

Another Health Benefits of Strawberries include promote bone health. Strawberries contain approximately of manganese that facilitates in keeping the bones strong by also keeping the bone structure intact. The vitamin K and potassium in the strawberries are also excellent for bone health.

Strawberries Benefits for Skin:

Strawberries Benefits for Skin

Strawberries contain vitamin C that helps keep the skin’s elasticity as well as regenerate new cells. It also maintains the skin young. Also, the ellagic acid in strawberries facilitates in keeping wrinkles at bay.

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