Health Benefits of Black Tea
Health Benefits of Black Tea

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is one of the commonly consumed teas. Black tea is obtained from the leaves of the shrub called Camellia sinensis and it is more oxidized than the white, oolong and green tea varieties. It has stronger flavor than other varieties of tea. The Health Benefits of Black Tea include helps in digestive problems, asthma, beneficial impacts for high cholesterol, tooth decay, Improves the Immune System and Benefits for Heart. Black tea has very low caffeine content, which is great for blood circulation. So here we provide the information about Benefits of Drinking Black Tea.

Health Benefits of Black Tea:-

Oral Health:

Oral Health

The catechin antioxidants present in black tea help in decreasing oral cancers. The tannin & polyphenol work as antibiotics, therefore inhibiting the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also contains fluoride that combats bad breath and eliminates harmful bacteria from the oral cavity.

Black Tea Benefits for Heart:

Black Tea Benefits for Heart

Black Tea contains antioxidants such as flavonoid, which prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Black tea decreases the damage to blood vessels including artery walls heart diseases is also lowered. The flavonoid is also useful in reducing blood clots & thus can reduce the risk of heart attack & stroke.

Digestive Problems:

Digestive Problems

Another Health Benefits of Black Tea includes digestive problems. Black tea is high in profuse tannins and other chemicals that have a positive as well as relaxing effect on the digestive system of body. This anti inflammatory properties of black tea is also useful for healing digestive problems.

High Cholesterol:

High Cholesterol

People who consume black tea can reduce their bad cholesterol, which are responsible for heart strokes & fatal attacks. Consumption several cups of black tea daily are at lower risk for heart problems.

Helps in Weight Loss:

Helps in Weight Loss

Another Health Benefits of Black Tea includes helps in weight loss. Black tea is low in fat, calories & sodium. It is beneficial for those who want to lose weight. It can work as a substitute for unhealthy drinks like carbonated beverages & prevent the addition of calories.

Cancer Prevention:

Cancer Prevention

The antioxidants like polyphenols shown in black tea facilitate to prevent the formation of carcinogens in the human body which result in preventing cancers like lung, bladder, colorectal and prostrate cancers. Studies have found that black tea is helpful in preventing breast, stomach and prostate cancer.

Improves the Immune System:

Improves the Immune System

It is among the most required Health Benefits of Black Tea. Black tea contains tannins substances that have ability to combat viruses such as cold, flu, influenza and hepatitis. The alkylamine antigens present in black tea facilitates to improve the immune system.

Stress Relief:

Stress Relief

Studies prove that the amino acid L-theanine shown in black tea can help you relax and focus better. Black tea has also been shown to decrease level of stress hormone cortisol when addicted in moderate amounts on a regular basis.

Healthy Bones:

Healthy Bones

Another Health Benefits of Black Tea includes bones health. The phytochemicals present in black tea which can help to make stronger bones and connective tissue. It has been recommended that regular black tea drinkers have healthy bones.

Benefits of Black Tea for Skin:

Benefits of Black Tea for Skin

Black tea is high in vitamin C, E and B2, minerals such as potassium, magnesium & some essential polyphenol & tannin. Due to its high caffeine contented, intake black tea can kill oral viruses and therefore, facilitate in preventing skin infections & keeping your skin blemish free. Black tea also helps in decreasing mimic wrinkles and preventing pre-mature ageing & pimples.

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