Govt plans exits exam for MBBS doctors

Govt plans exits exam for MBBS doctors

Govt plans exits exam for MBBS doctors : Indian Health ministry will become more concerns about the quality of doctors which they will produced and provide to this country. That’s ways the health ministry of India is planning an exit test or exam for student of MBBS who pass out from the government medical college and also from the private medical college.

The Indian government wants to make a separate “all-India chapter” for doctors who clear the MBBS exit exam. Right now doctors get themselves registered with the state chapter of MCI (Medical Council of India). If they want to practice into another state then they must have to transfer their registration into other state where they want to do practice. So, the health ministry find the solution as “Govt plans exits exam for MBBS doctors”. Due to this doctors can practice anywhere in the country.

Govt plans exits exam for MBBS doctors

As per the official source exit exam was held back from the pursuing post graduate study for student who could not clear the exit exam.

The ministry prepared the draft proposal which suggest the existing FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) as a voluntary exit exam. FNGE is screening test recognised by the MCI. FMGE was introduced in 2002 as a qualifying test for Indian candidates holding medical degree from other countries and they wants to do practice in India.

Initially Indian Government planning to start with an incentivizing system. Candidates who clear the MBBS Exit Exam they will be incentivized with a national registration number under MCI and allow them to practice anywhere in India.

As per the data of govt large difference between the averages pass marks in government and private college and also in different states. Current result of AIPGME (All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination) 2015 describe that the Andhra Pradesh has moderate rate of pass percentage of 84.92 %, Chandigarh had 73.56 % while UP has 51.56 % and West Bengal has 53.58 %. The passing rate of Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and foreign institutes has very low rate respectively 37.84 %, 46.38 % and 31.41 %.

And 2014 result of AIPGME also showed the 50 % score as minimum qualifying criteria and total 22,802 candidates pass from government institution and 8,862 candidates pass from private. As compare to both Government and private institute only 1,188 candidates are passed from foreign institute. So, this test was show the quality of doctors being produced.

The Indian Government is also check that when there is required to ramp up capacity for post graduate doctors to have more specialists, data showed that there was an immediate need to monitor the quality of MBBS doctors entering practice. So Government Introduce exit exam for MBBS student.

As per the official details every year approximately 100,000 doctors took post graduate exam from the county, but only 25,000 made it and rest of doctors are there for service as a MBBS doctors. But reality approximately 100,000 doctors are present for the services at any time. So Govt plans exits exam for MBBS doctors is very beneficial for doctors and also good for public.

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