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Dr Geek MBBS MS FRCS App            

Dr Geek MBBS MS FRCS App : This app help people to connect, keep you to informed and also guide scalpels to save lives. When technology rapidly finds the method into operation theatres, surgeons are keen to their gizmos for help to direct their surgeries. From fine-tuning their surgical skills to calculating the risks involved in a procedure and maintaining them updated on the latest scientific breakthroughs, apps are replacing reference book for surgeons as they prepare to make the operation.

Some application such as Epocrates is useful for doctor to select medicine and dosage. There are millions of drugs available in market and it is not easy to memorize all. So this apps help to decide drug to prescribe and mention the dosage, side-effects and interaction with other medicine. Said by intervention cardiologist Dr. G Sengottuvelu who has 3 other apps. One of  them gives him a latest breakthroughs in his specialisation, other one help him to calculate the likelihood of patient getting a heart attack, 3rd for a patient record.

Dr Geek MBBS MS FRCS App careinfo.in

Dr Geek MBBS MS FRCS App is not only for doctors, patients can also use this app. Patient can known if they required medical help. There are so many applications which help to test heart and eyes. Example, retinal degeneration can be tested with an app which shows a straight line. If it is wobbly to the person, he or she clearly required medical help, said ophthalmologist Dr Amar Agrawal who also uses SloPro, an app that shows videos in slow motion to diagnose. These let patients understand the procedure they are about to undergo. We found that it improve patient comprehension and reduces anxiety.

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Touch Surgery, an IOS and Android surgery simulator allows surgeons to practise and rehearse operation before they enter the operation room. Each and every stage of operation is gives in animated in graphic 3D details.

Health Record Maintained and Access

App aid in data collection and retrieval secure access to patient information.  Specialised apps available for remote viewing of scans viewing of scans and x-rays.

Reference and Information Gathering

Mobile devices are invaluable tools for surgeons to search or access medical literature. The Lacet and British Medical Journal provide apps that allow article to be viewed on phones.

Drug Applications

Drug name, indications, dosage, interactions between drugs formulary status, identification guides and does by weight calculator can be accessed.

Dr Geek MBBS MS FRCS App careinfo.in

Patient Monitoring

Apps can be used directly to conduct simple exam for visual acuity or color clindness also blood pressure or glucose level.

Risk Scores

Apps like medical calculators use evidence based formulas to make calculations to determine the risk of surgery.


Convenience, better clinical decision making, improved accuracy, increased efficiency, enhances productivity.


Many of apps are designed more for educational purpose rather than diagnosis. Apps taking the place of standard medical care could be a bane.

Apps without validation or peer review can also be downloaded by patients, students and providers which could be misleading.

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