Top Food contain high iodine
Top Food contain high iodine

Top Food contain high iodine

For healthy growth of human body Iodine is very important mineral. Iodine pays very important role in the proper function of thyroid. Lack iodine is accountable for the problem of hypothyroidism. So here we provide the Top Food contain high iodine. You can eat Foods rich in Iodine which make sure that the thyroid is able to control metabolism, detoxification, growth and development.

Study suggest that the deficiency of Iodine can cause a extension of the thyroid gland,  lethargy, lack of immunity system, weight gain, slow metabolism, fatigue, autism and also mental states like anxiety and depression. You can read a below information to know food with high iodine.

Below is the list of Top 7 foods containing high iodine.

Sea Vegetables

Top Food contain high iodine

Sea food is the highest source of Iodine, those seafood include kelp, Arame, Hiziki, Kombu and Wafame. From that Kelp contain a large amount of iodine.

Seafood Contain Iodine
1 tablespoon of Kelp 2000 / mcg
1 tablespoon of Arame 730 / mcg
1 tablespoon of Hiziki 780 / mcg
1 inch piece of Kombu 1450 / mcg
1 tablespoon of Wakame 80 / mcg


Top Food contain high iodine

Cranberries is the  and also high in antioxidant property. Approximately 4 ounces of cranberries hold 400 / mcg of iodine. People who have lack of iodine they must eat Cranberries.

Organic Yogurt

Top Food contain high iodine

Organic Yogurt is a natural probiotic. It contains a great amount of iodine, so who are in diet they eat yogurt. One serving of it contains more than half of daily requirement. Approximately 1 cup of yogurt contains 90 / mcg of iodine.

Organic Navy Beans

Top Food contain high iodine

So many beans are containing good amount of iodine, but from that Navy Beans are comes first in the list of Foods that contain high Iodine. About ½ cup of navy beans holds approximately 32 / mcg of Iodine. Organic Navy beans are also good source of fiber.

 Organic Strawberries

Top Food contain high iodine

Strawberry is not only very tasty fruit, but also holds a 10% of your every day iodine needs in only one serving. About 1 cup of fresh strawberries holds approximately 13 /mcg of iodine. Organic Strawberries is the best source of Iodine.

Organic Cheese

Top Food contain high iodine

Cheese is also a high source of iodine and it contains important Vitamin B, calcium and protein. Approximately 10 – 14 / mcg of iodine also come in the one ounce of raw cheddar cheese. Cheese is easy to digest and holds high amount of calcium and also protein.

Organic Potatoes

Top Food contain high iodine

Organic Potatoes are the largest source of iodine in the vegetable and also it is kingdom of vegetable. Take a one medium sized of potato and remove the skin of potato and also bake it. It holds 60 / mcg of iodine.

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