Top 10 Foods Avoid during Pregnancy
Top 10 Foods Avoid during Pregnancy

Top 10 Foods Avoid during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time for every woman and also for baby who come. Pregnant woman must take extra care at time of choosing food that she eats. So here we provide the information about Top 10 Foods Avoid during Pregnancy.

It also affects your immune system, and makes you & child extra susceptible to the bacteria & viruses which create food borne illnesses. There are certain fruit which must be avoided during pregnancy.

Below is the list of

Top 10 Foods Avoid during Pregnancy


If you eat papaya during pregnancy, it brings on labour early or creates a miscarriage. Papayas particularly unripe & semi-ripe are great in latex that is known to trigger uterine contractions.


It is high in bromelain that can create the softening of the cervix leading to early labour. One can eat pineapples in average quantities as it will have no effect on labour and delivery.

Energy drinks

Energy include great amount of caffeine and other ingredients, those are not good for pregnant women.

Cold cure meats

Cold cure meant like salami, chorizo, Parma harm and pepperoni. Those foods have small risk of harbouring listeria or the toxoplasma parasite that create toxoplasmosis.

Raw Eggs

Raw Eggs also comes in the list of Top 10 Foods Avoid during Pregnancy because it contain potential exposure to salmonella.

Soft Cheeses

It contain listeria which harmful for a pregnant woman so avoid soft cheeses like brie cheeses, Camembert, feta, Gorgonzola, requefort and Mexican style cheese which contain queso blanco & queso fresco and also made from pasteurized milk.

Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized Milk include listeria which not good for pregnant woman so avoid Unpasteurized Milk. Remember that you drink only pasteurized milk.

Seafood with mercury

Avoid seafood that contains mercury like shark, canned albacore tuna, swordfish tilefish. Mercury may harmful for brain, hearing and vision so avoid high mercury fish.

Caffeinated Coffee or tea

Tea, coffee and pop are the common source of Caffeine. It cross the placenta and affect your body’s heart rate. So it is good to avoid coffee during your pregnancy.

Alcohol and drugs

Doing drugs during pregnancy can create a different problem ranging from premature birth to birth defects and alcohol can raises the risk of still birth.

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