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Home Remedies for Ear Infections careinfo.in

Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Ear Infections are caused by bacteria or viruses in the middle ear. Ear infection has become common in both children and adults. But the infection can be alleviated with effective Home Remedies for Ear Infections. The infection is not contagious but the can lead to numerous problems such as inflammation, swelling, throat infection, severe cold and allergic reaction that is why the treatment is necessary.

Some of the Natural Remedies for Ear Infections are as follows:

Home Remedies for Ear Infections:



Garlic is a useful and popular weapon for fighting against any type of infection. After boiling the garlic, put a few drops of the juice into the infected area. You can make a puree of a clove of garlic, and after straining it into warm olive oil put a small amount in the ear. Leave it there for five to ten minutes and then drain it out.

Olive Oil:

Olive Oil

One of the most important causes of an ear infection is wax in the ear catching some bacterial growth leading to a blockage in the Eustachian tubes. This blockage will be easily cleared with olive oil. Lukewarm up some olive oil and put a few drops of oil into the ear.



Put 1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. You should squirt the salt water into the infected ear using an ear wash needle, till you have over the whole cup. Do this three to four times every day and within two to three day your ear will be cleared up.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil

The antibacterial properties present in tea tree oil will provide instant help from earache. You can combine a few drops of coconut oil with tea tree oil and massage it all over the ear. Do not put the oil in the ear, but also massage it on around the outside of the ear.

Basil Leaves:

Basil Leaves

You may also use holy basil leaves (Tulsi) to cure minor earache and ear infections. Crush some fresh basil leaves quietly also to extract the juice. Apply the basil juice on or around the infected ear. Avoid getting the basil juice also in the ear canal.



Onion is the best Home Remedies for Ear Infections. Warm onion juice may help relieve ear infection. Warm the onion, preferably in an oven & strain the juice. Put several drops into the infected ear and also slightly tilt the head downwards to allow the liquid to flow out.

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