Health Benefits of Mustard Oil
Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a fatty vegetable oil extracted from the mustard seeds. It has been in use since ancient times for a whole lot of remedies to treat various health problems. Mustard oil beneficial for your Skin, Hair and Health. Mustard oil is dark yellow in color and slightly pungent. The Health Benefits of Mustard Oil includes helps in digestion, increase appetite, relief asthma and also malaria, benefits for skin and hair.

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil:-

Some of the Health Benefits of Mustard Oil are as follows:

Good for Cough and Cold:

Mustard oil is really beneficial for people who are prone to cough and cold. Mustard oil aids clear the congestion of chest & nose. Combine a teaspoon of mustard oil & also camphor and apply on your back and chest for relief.


Mustard oil is beneficial during asthma and also sinusitis. Massage your chest with brown mustard oil to develop airflow to your lungs. Mix a teaspoon of sugar with a mustard oil and also have it a sometimes in a day.


Mustard oil is a helpful mosquito repellent because it can deter insects with its sharp aroma. Therefore, it aids in preventing malaria and other insect borne ailments.

Benefits for Cardiovascular Health:

Mustard oil contains polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated, omega-3, 6 fatty acids that help balance the cholesterol level in the body. They enhance the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) and also decrease the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), therefore minimizing the risk of heart diseases.

Helps in Digestion:

Mustard oil is also easier to digest than most other oils. It also stimulated the production of digestive enzymes and therefore, the food gets digested faster and better.

Benefits for Skin:

Mustard oil acts as natural sunscreens as of its high content of vitamin C and wide consistency. Mustard oil is useful in removing tan and dark spots to provide you a naturally glowing skin. Also, it is a best remedy for dry chapped lips when lip balms also prove to be infective.

Benefits for Hair:

Mustard oil gives essential nutrients to the hair follicles for proper growth. Massaging your scalp with mustard oil stimulates hair growth by rising blood circulation in the scalp. Mustard oil is useful in preventing premature graying & also darkness your hair naturally.

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