Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer
Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer

Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer might be a most common form of cancer and also the deadliest. There are various factors that play a role in it like dietary and lifestyle factors also. The WHO predicts that by 2020 the number of breast cancer cases will be higher than it is nowadays. There is lots of Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer. Breast cancer can be prevented and controlled by taking on healthy habits such as controlling the weight, reducing alcohol consumption, breast feeding, avoiding smoking and avoiding exposure to radiation & environmental pollution. A healthy diet may also decrease the risk of breast cancer to a great extent. So here we provide the information about Foods that Fight Breast Cancer.

Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer:-



Broccoli is one such wonderful cruciferous veggie that contains a good amount of sulforaphane, a special compound that helps improve the protective enzymes and flush out harmful cancer causing chemicals. Consumption one half cup of broccoli every day will help protect against breast cancer.



Garlic is best Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention. Studies have shown that the sulfur compounds, flavonols and flavones present in garlic aid in preventing breast cancer. Eat fresh garlic cloves early in the morning to also reap the most excellent out of them.



Pomegranate is Super Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer. It consists of ellagic acid that is a powerful antioxidant and it plays a vital role in preventing the growth of cancerous cells. Include pomegranate seeds either in your salads or swallow a glass of fresh pomegranate juice to obtain all its health benefits.



Flaxseed is rich in lignans, omega-3 fatty acid and fiber. Flaxseed facilitates in forming a protective shield against the cancerous cells that are responsible for breast cancer. You can add powdered flaxseed to yogurt or a smoothie to make a richer & also nutty flavor.



Berries are best Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer. Berries are good source of antioxidants in fruits. All the berry fruit mainly black raspberries have higher concentration of anthocyanin that slows down the growth of cancer causing cells.



Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acid that can help the body to fight the inflammation and decrease the growth of cancerous tumors. Walnut and their every day use will help to keep at bay all risks of breast cancer.



Turmeric includes a compound known as Curcumin which can inhibit different types of cancer cells, such as gastrointestinal, skin and breast cancer. You can add a tiny turmeric powder to your foods or consumption a pinch of raw turmeric with water each morning also on an empty stomach.



Tomatoes contain lycopene, a potent antioxidant which can prevent the development of breast cancer by stopping cancer cell growth. Swallow a glass of fresh tomato juice also to enjoy all its benefits. It is also Best Breast Cancer Fighting Foods.

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