Disadvantage of Drinking More Beer careinfo.in
Disadvantage of Drinking More Beer careinfo.in

Disadvantage of Drinking More Beer

Many people are drinking more beer, which is not good for health; Beer has so many benefits, if you drink moderate amount of beer and enjoy sip just a little bit more. If you drink beer in limited amount then beer is very beneficial for your health. But nowadays drinking more beer is become today style and people are drink more beer which is very harmful for your body. So, today we provide the information about the Disadvantage of Drinking More Beer.

When drink high amount of beer than they have to face below is the list of Disadvantage of Drinking More Beer.

Causes Heartburn


It includes high power stimulants of gastric acid secretion & may provoke Gastroesophageal reflux & create heartburn.

Increase Blood Pressure


People who drink beer daily approximately 40 g, they have high chance of increase blood pressure.

Beer belly


People who are drink high amount of beer may promote abdominal obesity in men, that’s way is also known as “beer belly”.

Intoxication and Dehydration


Alcohol is a dehydration agent and downer which decrease activity of the central nervous system. Large amounts of alcohol can turn into dehydration, intoxication and also hangover.

Impairment of driving related skill


Little amount of alcohol may have adverse effects on attention and motor skills. Many serious accidents are alcohol related.

Below is the list of some advantage of drink beer if they also drink moderate amount of beer.

  • Beer Reduce Kidney stone
  • Beneficial for Brain Health
  • Good for Heart health
  • It is good to get stronger bones
  • Useful in lowering Cancer Risk
  • Good resource of Vitamin B
  • Beneficial for Diabetes patient
  • Help for longer and also healthier life
  • Guarding Against Stroke

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