Village on Sea about 1300 years

Village on Sea about 1300 years

We all know there are many beautiful places, religious places, lake, waterfall, mountain, desert, many more places for wander which surprised to us. We do not aware of such a fantastic world because we are not here about it. So today we will tell you about the place which you will never heard. Think not the place to hear how it will be fun to watch.Here we shared some information about the the Village on Sea about 1300 years.

Have you ever imagined a house which is on top of the water?/Village on Sea about 1300 years  Probably not, but the world is a township which lies above the water, and even the whole of 7000. It is the world’s only, floating on the sea, located in China, of which the township. The settlement of maritime Mcuwaro which is called soldering.

Tank Community China [Tanak community, China] China many centuries ago soldering community oppression of the rulers of the people got so angry that he had decided to remain at sea. Since 700 AD, they are willing to live on the earth, nor are willing to adopt modern life.

China’s south-east region, about 7,000 fishermen in their traditional boats of the family living in the apartment. The houses are floating on the sea. These quaint homes have an entire colony. Maritime Fishermen’s colony of Fujian Ningde City, southeast of the state is floating in the sea.

These are called marine fishermen soldering. Soldering people are living in houses made from boats of the Sea therefore called Gypsies. Tang Dynasty in 700 AD in China was ruled. The soldering tribe group of people to avoid war at sea in their boats were moved. Since then, they came to be called the Sea Gypsies on and he rarely come to the ground.

Soldering Tribes life full of water in homes and hunting of fish passes. They go to the ground to avoid not only the house but also large floating platform are also prepared from wood.

Until the establishment of the communist regime in China, they were coming ashore neither settled nor beaches were to make the relationship with marriage. They do weddings on their boats. After the recent local government incentives stitch crowds are beginning to make some seaside home of course, but most people prefer to stay in their traditional homes are floating.

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