Simple Ayurveda Beauty tips for your face
Simple Ayurveda Beauty tips for your face

Simple Ayurveda Beauty tips for your face

Beautiful glowing skin is desirable by every Woman and Appreciated by every woman. Generally we are wired to attract to people with clear skin and a glowing complex because it a sign of good health. Ayurveda has some book prove tricks to make your skin clear and soft. Let see here some simple Ayurveda Beauty tips for your face.

List of simple Ayurveda Beauty tips for your face

Get healthy skin from herbal remedies

Nowadays most people to make themselves beautiful use of many cosmetic products. The reaction times of these products also have to withstand. Additionally, the skin will have far-reaching negative effects. To avoid these problems, we will now go to our roots, the centuries-old traditional Ayurvedic knowledge will adopt. Today we will mention some selected Ayurvedic formulations, which women use their beauty for years to come leverage.

Cucumber for Glowing Skin

Cucumber is a healthy thing, which of course should be taken once a week. Additionally, cucumber skin is also consider very beneficial. Body heat is breaking to eat it. Glowing skin on the face cucumber juice to make a paste made of cucumbers and keep making or.

Potato for dark spots

Just do not eat potatoes; put on the skin is also useful. If you also have dark spots on your face gently use potato slices to the massages. Also Use Potato juice on the face to remove dark sport. Rose is the face detection face sparkles.

Coconut water


Coconut water is very healthy. So day by drinking coconut water face shine think. Washing the face with coconut water stains go away. Make a Coconut paste and apply on the face with a color Nicene think. You must try this effective recipe of Ayurveda.



Tomatoes not only enhance the flavour of your vegetables but also a new skin colours. Mix two teaspoons of tomato juice and half a teaspoon of honey. This mixture on the face and wash after 20 minutes. Face look Also, your facial spots will go over too slowly. This is very special Ayurvedic recipe for that oily skin.

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