Richest Shipping Tycoons in the world

Richest Shipping Tycoons in the world

Here we shared some information about the business Tycoons, nowadays many different kind of business run in the world. So many people are comes into the Shipping tycoons business, from that some get in business touch the sky and some goes bottom many people start business but not all become a rich and famous, so here we describe the greatest and Richest Shipping Tycoons in the world.

John Fredriksen

John Fredriksen is one of the successful and hard worker businessmen ever, he is starting his journey as a trainee in the shipping industry and after some much year he bought his own tankers and now a day he is owner of the one largest oil tanker and richest shipping tycoons in the world.

Klaus-Michael Kuehne

Klaus-Michael name come in the one of the richest and great shipping tycoons in the world.  Klaus-Michael joined own grandfather’s business company name of Kuehne and Nagel. He was one of the master minds in that shipping business and takes that company on the top and left the good mark in the company.

Eyal Ofer

Eyal is one of the success full businessmen with unstoppable great carrier in the shipping industries and he have also a large shipping corporation with more than 128 vessels. He is one of the richest shipping business tycoons.

Gianlugi & Rafaela Aponte

He is one of the ambitious nature of billionaires radiates in the power couple who own MSC and also one of the 2nd largest shipping container company around 390 vessels in the world.

Idan Ofer

Idan is one of the great and gentleman businessmen ever. He also help to the London business school in to 2013 and he give serves as the CEO of the Quantum Pacific Group and in Pacific Drilling.

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