Top 10 most Famous Folk Dance in the world

Top 10 most Famous Folk Dance in the world

There is certainly more to dance than its honest meaning. It is a resource of enjoyment, a tension buster or basically, an exercise. While in the type of folk dance it additionally attach to the culture of the land. Folk dances are regarding to history, regarding to traditions and exotic beauty of the land it is connected with. Free from shackles of anything ordinary and thus critically praised, here is a list Top 10 most Famous Folk Dance in the world.

Below are the Top 10 most Famous Folk Dance in the world.

Samba (Brazil)


Samba is the toughest dances to excel at but for the Brazilians’; it is all in a day’s work. There are various step in samba based on the regions however the basic steps are same, generally the music and the legs movement are change.This is Top 10 most Famous Folk Dance in the world.

Casino (Cuba)

Casino is the Cuban style salsa that has actually achieved great popularity in many pockets of the world.   The Cubans, casino is more than now a dance, it is a part of their tradition & social life. Miami version is known as Miami-style Casino and is undoubtedly a favourite.

Tarantella (Italy)

Tarantella is the one the most popular folk dance in southern Italy and also the world. With its hypnotic set at a elevated tempo, Tarantella is additionally used for healing purposes. Around the 16th century in Taranto, Italy, people broke in to a dance to district off death from the highly poisonous bite of a Tarantula spider.

Bhangra (India)


It the most popular Indian folk dance. It is a harvest dance with its roots in Punjab-. Its reputation is such that it has also been used in fitness routines. In other countries like Canada, UK, USA, the migrant Punjabi population has made it famous.

Irish step dance (Ireland)

It evolved from traditional Irish dance and it today quite famous around the world. It can be performed wearing either of the two kinds of shoes hard & soft shoes. It is dance performed during celebrations and carnivals and involves quick and intricate foot work.

Garba (India)


Garba is a Gujarati folk dance that is performed predominantly during the festive of “Navaratri”. It is dance that perhaps is loved not only by the Gujarati society hut also the rest of the country.Garba is Top 10 most Famous Folk Dance in the world.

Baladi (Egypt)


It is a form of belly dancing. Baladi is typically a style that evolved from the tribal areas of the country and hence very much a traditional dance. Baladi is very popular in Egypt.

Halay (Turkey)

Halay is a folk dance hailing from Turkey’s eastern, South- Eastern & Central Anatolia regions. It is very popular and attractive dance of the country that is accompanied by equally rich music and instruments.

Gumboot Dance (South Africa)

Gumboot is the dance that is performed by dancer wearing wellingtons- a type of boot. It is originated from the black miners and was their form of entertainment. It is very popular today and, needless to say, highly energetic too.

Milonga (Argentina)

Milonga is the dance that could be said to be a variation of the Tango, simply the former being more relaxed. The roots of this dance go bottomless into the Argentinian folklore.

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